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256 Area Code

State: Alabama
Top City: Huntsville
Timezone Central
Current Time:

Where Exactly is the Area Code 256 Located?

Area code 256 covers northeastern Alabama, including Huntsville, Decatur, and Madison. It was created in 1998 as a split from area code 205. The area is home to major employers and institutions, such as NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center and the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

256 Area Code
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An overlay area code (938) was added in 2010 to accommodate a demand for phone numbers, serving the same geographic area as 256 and requiring ten-digit dialing for local calls. The area is also known for its natural beauty, including the Tennessee River and the Appalachian Mountains.

What Time Zone is Associated with Area Code 256?

Area code 256 corresponds to northwestern Alabama in the United States. Northwestern Alabama is in the Central Time Zone, which is UTC -6 or GMT -5.

History of 251 Area Code

Area code 256 was created in 1998 as a split from area code 205, which previously covered the entire state of Alabama. The split was necessary due to the increasing demand for phone numbers in the northeastern part of the state, which includes the cities of Huntsville, Decatur, and Madison.

The creation of area code 256 was part of a larger effort to relieve pressure on the state’s existing area codes, which were running out of available phone numbers. The new area code helped to ensure that residents and businesses in northeastern Alabama could continue to receive new phone numbers and stay connected.

In addition to serving as a hub for science and technology, the region covered by area code 256 has a rich history and cultural heritage. The area was home to several Native American tribes, including the Cherokee and Chickasaw, prior to European settlement. Later, it played a significant role in the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement.

Today, the 256 area code continues to evolve and adapt to meet the changing needs of its residents and businesses. In 2010, an overlay area code (938) was added to the region to provide additional phone numbers and ensure continued connectivity. Overall, the history of area code 256 is closely intertwined with the history and development of northeastern Alabama, and it remains an important part of the region’s infrastructure and identity.

Top 10 Counties in Area Code 256

Counties Population
Madison County 379,453
Calhoun County 113,469
Morgan County 119,883
Etowah County 102,268
Lauderdale County 92,590
Marshall County 96,774
Limestone County 98,915
DeKalb County 71,109
Colbert County 54,216
Jackson County 52,419

Top 10 Cities in Area Code 256

Counties Population
Huntsville 201,574
Decatur 54,264
Florence 40,428
Gadsden 34,749
Madison 33,909
Athens 28,643
Albertville 22,158
Oxford 21,180
Anniston 20,688
Scottsboro 14,770

Top Telephone Carriers

Landline Wireless
AT&T Verizon
CenturyLink T-Mobile
WOW! Sprint
Windstream US Cellular
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