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341 Area Code

State: California
Top City: Oakland
Timezone: Pacific
Current Time:

Where is Area Code 323 located?

Area code 341 is an overlay area code that covers parts of the San Francisco Bay Area in California. It was introduced as an overlay area code for the existing area code 510 in July 2019, to meet the increasing demand for new phone numbers.

341 Area Code Map
341 Area Code Map / Image: OpenStreetMap

The area code covers parts of Contra Costa County and western Alameda County, including the city of Oakland, but excluding Dublin, Livermore, Pleasanton, and Sunol. Customers in the area code must dial ten digits for all calls, including local calls within the same area code.

341 Area Code Time Zone

Area code 341 follows the Pacific Time Zone. The current time in Oakland is .

History of 341 Area Code

Area code 341 is one of the newest area codes in the United States. It was assigned by the North American Numbering Plan Administrator (NANPA) in 2018 and became effective on July 22, 2019. It was introduced as a relief measure for the exhausted area codes 510 and 925, which had been serving the Bay Area since 1991 and 1998 respectively.

Before 1991, the entire Bay Area was covered by area code 415, which was one of the original area codes created in 1947. However, due to the rapid growth of population and telecommunications in the region, area code 415 was split into three parts: 415 for San Francisco and Marin counties, 510 for Alameda and Contra Costa counties, and 408 for Santa Clara County. In 1998, area code 925 was created from a portion of area code 510 to serve the eastern part of Contra Costa County and most of Solano County.

As more people and businesses adopted cell phones, fax machines, pagers, and internet services, the demand for phone numbers increased exponentially. By the late 2010s, area codes 510 and 925 were projected to run out of numbers by 2019.

To avoid a shortage of phone numbers, NANPA decided to implement an overlay plan for these two area codes. This means that instead of splitting the existing area codes into smaller geographic areas, a new area code would be added on top of them and share the same territory. This way, existing customers could keep their phone numbers without changing their area codes.

However, an overlay plan also requires mandatory 10-digit dialing for all local calls within the overlay area. This is because there could be two different customers with the same local number but different area codes. For example, there could be a customer with the number (510) 555-1234 and another customer with the number (341) 555-1234. To avoid confusion and ensure that calls are routed correctly, callers have to dial both the area code and the local number for every call.

To help customers adjust to this change, NANPA implemented a permissive dialing period from January to July 2019. During this time, customers could still make local calls using either seven or ten digits. However, after July 22, 2019, only ten-digit dialing was accepted for local calls within the overlay area.

Area code 341 is expected to provide enough phone numbers for the Bay Area until at least 2032. However, as technology and communication evolve, there may be a need for more area codes in the future.

Top County in Area Code 323

County Population
Alameda 1,671,329
Contra Costa 1,153,526

Top 10 Cities in Area Code 323

City Population
Oakland 433,031
Fremont 241,110
Hayward 159,203
Berkeley 121,363
Richmond 110,567
Alameda 77,624
Union City 74,107
San Leandro 89,039
Newark 49,149
Hercules 26,997

Top Telephone Carriers

Landline Wireless
AT&T Verizon
Comcast T-Mobile
Sonic AT&T
Frontier Sprint
Vonage MetroPCS

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