408 Area Code | Location, Map and Time Zone

408 Area Code

State: California
Top City: San Jose
Timezone: Pacific
Current Time:

Where is Area Code 408 located?

Area Code 408 is primarily assigned to the state of California, United States. It covers the southern portion of the San Francisco Bay Area, including cities such as San Jose, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, and Palo Alto.

408 Area Code Map
408 Area Code Map / Image: OpenStreetMap

With a diverse range of industries and a thriving tech scene, this area code is a hub for businesses, research institutions, and cultural attractions.

408 Area Code Time Zone

The 408 area code follows the same time zone as most of California, which is Pacific Time (PT). TheĀ current San Jose time is .

History of 408 Area Code

The 408 area code was created in 1959 as a split from the 415 area code, which originally covered most of northern California. The split was necessary to accommodate the growing population and demand for phone numbers in the region.

In 1998, the 408 area code was split again to create the 831 area code, which covers the coastal areas of Monterey County, San Benito County, and Santa Cruz County. The split was motivated by the rapid growth of the telecommunications industry and the need for more prefixes and numbers.

In 2012, the 408 area code was overlaid with the new 669 area code, which means that both area codes serve the same geographic area and customers have to dial 10 digits for local calls. The overlay was implemented to avoid exhausting the available numbers in the 408 area code and to provide more options for customers.

The 408 area code is home to many high-tech companies and institutions, such as Apple, Google, eBay, Cisco, Adobe, Stanford University, and San Jose State University. It is also known for its cultural diversity and attractions, such as the Winchester Mystery House, Santana Row, Happy Hollow Park and Zoo, and Levi’s Stadium.

Top Counties in Area Code 408

County Population
Santa Clara 1,927,852
San Benito 62,808
Santa Cruz 273,213

Top 10 Cities in Area Code 408

City Population
San Jose 945,942
Sunnyvale 140,081
Santa Clara 116,468
Milpitas 66,790
Palo Alto 64,403
Cupertino 58,302
Gilroy 48,821
Morgan Hill 37,882
Campbell 39,349
Saratoga 29,926

Top Telephone Carriers

Landline Wireless
Comcast Verizon
Sonic T-Mobile
Ooma Sprint
Vonage MetroPCS

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