442 Area Code | Location, Map and Time Zone

442 Area Code

State: California
Top City: Oceanside
Timezone: Pacific
Current Time:

Where is Area Code 442 located?

Area code 442 is located in the state of California, United States. It is an overlay area code that serves the same geographic area as area code 760.

442 Area Code Map
415 Area Code Map / Image: OpenStreetMap

The 442 area code covers cities and communities in the southern part of California, including areas such as San Diego, Oceanside, Escondido, Carlsbad, and Temecula.

442 Area Code Time Zone

Area code 442 follows the Pacific Time Zone (PT). The current local time in area code 442 is .

History of 442 Area Code

The history of 442 area code is closely related to the history of 760 area code, which covers a large portion of southeastern and southernmost California. Area code 760 was created on March 22, 1997, as a split from area code 619, which had been split from area code 714 in 1982.

However, due to the rapid growth of population and communication devices in the region, area code 760 soon faced exhaustion and needed a new area code to serve the area. Initially, the plan was to split the area code 760 into two parts, with San Diego and Imperial counties moving to a new 442 area code.

But this proposal met with strong opposition from businesses and residents who did not want to change their numbers for the second time in a decade. Therefore, the California Public Utilities Commission decided that area code 442 would be added as an overlay to area code 760 instead, and implemented mandatory ten-digit dialing for all local calls within the area. Area code 442 became effective on November 21, 2009, and is now serving the same region as area code 760.

Top Counties in Area Code 442

County Population
San Diego 3,371,771
San Bernardino 2,201,663
Riverside 2,518,027
Kern 901,362
Imperial 181,827

Top 10 Cities in Area Code 442

City Population
Oceanside 167,086
Escondido 143,911
Carlsbad 105,328
Victorville 115,903
Hesperia 90,173
Vista 93,834
El Centro 42,598
Indio 76,036
Cathedral City 51,200
Palm Desert 48,445

Top Telephone Carriers

Landline Wireless
AT&T Verizon
Frontier T-Mobile
Spectrum AT&T
Cox Sprint
Vonage MetroPCS

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