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5 Best Enterprise Mobility Solutions for Oil & Gas Industry

The oil & gas industry has endured tough phases in the past few years due to low prices and weak demand. As the industry is recovering, it is experiencing a paradigm shift in terms of digital transformation. This sector has now become more data-driven.

In the present scenario, optimizing the performance of employees working outside the fields, lack of integration, and fragmented business processes are some of the major challenges faced by the oil & gas companies. In order to overcome these challenges and bridge the gap between productivity and workforce management, oil and gas companies are now shifting their focus to enterprise mobility solutions. Oil & gas companies are expected to invest $180 billion on enterprise mobile apps by the end of 2018.

Ongoing developments in mobile technologies, coupled with mobile security, analytics, and cloud services have added great value to the oil & gas companies and helped them mitigate environmental risk, improve safety and production, reduce operational costs, and manage the workforce. Oil & gas companies are also leveraging mobility solutions to reduce operational costs, improve real-time collaboration and communication among teams, and discover new streams of revenue.

Below are some mobility solutions that can enhance the overall productivity of the oil and gas companies.

#1. Mobile Workforce Management

Mobile workforce management apps make it easy to procure, deploy, track, and manage the distributed and remote workforce and field resources. These apps provide global visibility of the business and centralized control of the staff. This, in turn, streamlines and automates the process of assigning and scheduling the tasks

#2. Asset and Material Management

Asset and material management mobile apps provide information about onshore and offshore assets which can be used to schedule and complete the assignments within the time frame. These apps are of great use in material management functions such as quality assurance, procurement, reordering, etc. These apps also help to ensure that employees have access to all the data and tools they require to complete the assigned task.

#3. Fleet and Fuel Management System

Fleet and fuel management apps give precise insights into the fleet, fuel, inventory and real-time access to the supply chain. It helps oil and gas companies to maintain vehicle services timely, decrease unexpected downtime, reduce idle time for drivers and harsh vehicle usage.

#4. Regulatory Compliance Apps

Regulatory compliance apps enable oil and gas companies to understand the obligations and regulations that are applicable to them at the site level or globally and achieve compliance with health and safety, environmental regulations.

#5. GIS and GPS based Intelligent Transport System

Geographical Information System (GIS) and Global Positioning System (GPS) based apps reduce downtime. Oil & gas companies can monitor the real-time location of the fleet, schedule and plan routes, and ensure that the fleet is running as per schedule.

Mobility solutions when integrated with analytics, cloud managed and ERP/CRM technologies can add value to every stream of the oil and gas industry: downstream, midstream and upstream. Integrate a mobile strategy to stay ahead of competitors and at the forefront of technology.

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