PBX Software

Telecom operators, especially in the USA, are migrating from TDM networks to IP networks. What this means for businesses is that sticking to older legacy PSTN networks will become costlier. Switching to VoIP and a modern IP PBX system offers far more benefits than just telephony and cost savings for end users. Carriers can offer value-added services to enhance revenues and retain as well as grow customer base when they choose the right multi-tenant VoIP PBX software for their operations.

Business Enterprise transformation

Connectivity: Enterprises these days have a mobile workforce and branches in various locations. The IP PBX software allows easy connectivity for all employees, even allowing audio and video conferencing using only desktops and mobile devices. Should an enterprise decide to shift location it is easy since it does not involve extensive reinstallation of hardware.

Lower costs: Communication across boundaries becomes easy since international calls cost far lower than standard telephony does. Operational expenses reduce drastically and add up to huge savings.

Dozens of features: IP PBX is more than just telephony. It includes dozens of features like a phonebook, call recording, blind and attended transfer, caller ID, intercom dialing, call forwarding rules, barge in and whisper, busy lamp field, extension pickup, voice mail, fax and even IVR.

Lower investment: Capex is low when one chooses hosted PBX software. Simply sign up, get the VoIP PBX software up and running in a couple of hours and have a full-fledged telecom solution in place. You pay as you go.

CRM integration: With back end CRM integration your customer support improves dramatically. It is easy to set up lists of customers to call, access their records and interact better when you have their data before you when chatting with them.

Telecom Operators and VoIP service providers

ITSPs and telecom operators can transform their business and greatly increase revenue streams with the right multi-tenant IPPBX Software in place.

Offer PBX services to businesses: ITSPs can enhance revenues by offering PBX services to small and medium enterprises with features such as dashboard, DID management, Gateway/Trunk management, tenant-wise speed dialing, blacklist and whitelist, tenant-wise recording, music on hold, least cost routing rules, video calling, fax, voice mail and reporting. Multi language support further enhances global operations.

Billing: With the right hosted PBX software in place, ITSPS can enjoy the benefits of advanced billing for prepaid customers and for postpaid customers. There are no errors because the process is fully automated and customers receive the invoice in their email and can make payment through the integrated payment gateway.

Auto provisioning: ITSPs and VoIP service providers have to offer IP PBX to customers who may use a variety of IP phones from different brands. The right IP PBX solution takes care of incorporating support and the facility to configure keys.

Reseller: VoIP service providers can create a chain of dealers through the reseller module.

Value additions: ITSPs and VoIP service providers can choose IPPBX software and offer IPPBX to their end users as a comprehensive service or with separate modules for mobile and audio-video chats using WebRTC.

The right IP PBX software from the right vendor can truly assist in business transformations, whether it is at the enterprise level or for ITSPs and VoIP service providers.