520 Area Code | Location, Map and Time Zone

520 Area Code

State: Arizona
Top City: Tucson
Timezone: MST (UTC-7)
Current Time:

Where is Area Code 520 located?

Area code 520 is a telephone area code serving the southern part of the U.S. state of Arizona. It covers cities like Tucson, Sierra Vista, Casa Grande, and Nogales.

520 area code

Whether you’re dialing in from bustling Tucson or the small, charming town of Nogales, you’re using the 520 area code.

520 Area Code Time Zone

The 520 area code is situated in the Mountain Standard Time (MST) zone. But here’s a fun fact: unlike most areas in this time zone, Arizona does not observe daylight saving time. That means, when everyone else is springing forward or falling back, Arizona stays put. This can be a little confusing when scheduling calls, but hey, who said time wasn’t tricky?

History of 520 Area Code

The 520 area code has a long history in Arizona, being one of the original area codes established in 1947 to cover the entire state. However, over the years, the area code underwent multiple splits to accommodate the growing population and demand for telephone numbers.

In 1953, the northern and central portions of Arizona were assigned area code 602, leaving 520 to cover only southern Arizona. Then, in 1988, area code 928 was created to serve northern and central Arizona, further reducing the 520 area to southeastern Arizona.

Despite the splits, the 520 area code remains one of the largest geographic area codes in the United States, encompassing approximately 45,000 square miles. It includes cities such as Tucson, Casa Grande, Green Valley, Sierra Vista, Nogales, and Yuma, with Tucson being the major metropolitan area within the 520 code.

Top 10 Counties in Area Code 520

County Population
Pima County 1,044,000
Pinal County 462,789
Cochise County 125,922
Santa Cruz County 46,498
Graham County 38,837
Yuma County 35,000
Greenlee County 9,529
La Paz County 20,489
Gila County 54,018
Maricopa County 4,485,414

Top 10 Cities in Area Code 520

City Population
Tucson 548,073
Casa Grande 58,632
Sierra Vista 43,888
Oro Valley 45,275
Marana 45,279
Sahuarita 31,717
Nogales 20,233
Florence 26,513
Eloy 19,168
Coolidge 12,698

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AT&T Verizon Wireless
Verizon AT&T
CenturyLink T-Mobile
Cox Communications Sprint
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