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7 Best Mobile Marketing Tips for Small Business in 2018

Mobile marketing is one of the most popular marketing methods used by marketers in today’s world. Billions of mobile phone users are there in the world and you can engage in an effective marketing campaign via them. The numbers of computers are almost a quarter of the mobile phones in the world. You have to allocate only a small percentage of your budget for mobile marketing because of its cost-effectiveness.

Here are some of the best mobile marketing tips, which the small businesses will be able to follow in 2018 to end up with the best possible results. Any small business can try out these tips and end up with measurable outcomes.

#1. Seek the assistance of a reliable mobile marketing company

If you are planning to engage in a mobile marketing campaign, you have to seek the assistance of a mobile marketing company. The mobile marketing company will act as the intermediary between the company and the ad space. They will assist you to get a list of all the mobile phone users in your targeted area. You will get the opportunity to target people based on their location, their democratic profile and even the type of mobile phone they are using. As a result of this flexibility, you will get the opportunity to select the suitable customers that can use your products or services and market to them.

#2. Develop a mobile responsive website

When venturing into mobile marketing, it is extremely important to be equipped with a mobile responsive website. Most of the people prefer to access the internet and visit the websites with their mobile phones. Coupled with real-time data, mobile marketing campaigns will significantly increase website visitors. Due to this reason, you should spend your efforts to come up with a mobile responsive website. Then you will be able to make sure that your website visitors are not disappointed with what they were offered.

#3. Focus more on social media

It has been identified that a lot of people in today’s world prefer to access social media networks with the help of their mobile devices. Due to this reason, you need to give priority towards social media networks during the mobile marketing campaigns. For example, 68% of people who visit Facebook are coming from their mobile devices. If you take a look at Instagram, more than 98% of the traffic comes from mobile devices. These stats justify why you need to focus on social media networks when moving forward with the mobile marketing campaigns.

#4. Learn how to engage with SMS marketing

Almost all the mobile phone users carry their phone wherever they go. With mobile marketing, you can send them your message on the spot. It is effective than an e-mail marketing campaign because the receiver will read the message somehow. If someone is obsessed with their phone and they get a promotional text or app notification, they are much more likely to pay attention as opposed to ignoring an annoying popup on their computer while browsing the Internet. Marketers can receive the feedback from the customers instantly and that will lead to a valuable conversation. Mobile text advertising follows an opt-in process, which increases the conversion rates because of the curiosity of people. Mobile marketing also allows you to have a direct contact with your clients and convince the message in an effective way.

#5. Integrate mobile payment systems

The objective of mobile marketing campaigns would be to get people to purchase a product or a service that you offer. Therefore, you need to make the flow as simple as much as possible for the people. That’s where you need to pay a lot of attention towards integrating mobile payment systems to the marketing campaigns. Then you will be able to make sure that the users are capable of proceeding through the purchasing journey without any interruptions. Plenty of mobile payment services can be found out there as well. Google Wallet, Apple Pay, and Go Payment are perfect examples to prove the above-mentioned fact. On the other hand, you are also encouraged to take a look at the other compatible payment platforms such as Square, Flint Mobile, and PayPal.

#6. Optimize the marketing campaigns accordingly

Mobile marketing companies offer a professional advertising service to their clients. It will help you to get the results you deserve within a short period of time. The advertising company will assist you to create the campaign at the beginning and they will use their knowledge and experience to create a convincing message. Once the campaign is live, the mobile marketing company will optimize it in order to ensure you get the maximum number of conversations for your budget. These companies know the things that can drive the people to your business. Therefore your money will not be wasted and it will become a good investment done for the future of your business. Unless you are a professional marketer, you don’t have a clear idea on when to optimize the mobile marketing campaigns. As a result, you will miss out a large number of opportunities available.

#7. Get the most out of QR codes

You must incorporate QR codes into the mobile marketing campaigns as well. That’s because all the smartphones that you can find out there in the world can scan QR codes. For example, if you are promoting a product, you can use a QR code in order to let people go ahead and purchase it. Then you will be able to make sure that people who are interested in purchasing what you offer don’t have to go through any hassle. You can even use QR codes to direct the visitors towards contact pages, let them like your Facebook pages or to offer coupon codes for the visitors who are interested in becoming your loyal customers.

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