Software Development

The process of developing software can be broken down into 7 stages. The end product will be developed as a result of the collaborative efforts of these 7 stages. Below mentioned is a quick outline of the 7 stages that are being followed in the software development process. The stages of software development will help the developers to end up with positive results.

  1. The first step is about initial discussions. This is where the groundwork for the project is done.
  2. Then the project scope is being evaluated and the timeline is defined.
  3. Once the timelines are defined, developments will start.
  4. Upon the completion of developments, the project will be delivered. Throughout the development process, the project manager would provide updates to the client.
  5. After the delivery of a project, the code review will take place.
  6. Once a code review is completed, the project deployment will start. This is where the project will go live. With deployment, the project will be made ready to use.
  7. Support is being provided continuously in order to make sure that the changes in software are accommodated accordingly and in a timely manner.

Software Development Process