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9 Best Driver Updating Software For Windows

Computer users often have to deal with the issue of improper coordination between their hardware and software components. This mostly happens as system drivers are not updated in the right manner which in turn causes troubles in streamlining the system functions. Keeping such things in mind, we are today going to take a look at 9 of the best driver updating software which can cater your requirements like an absolute pro.

#1. Driver Easy

This driver updating software can scan the system for earmarking the outdated as well as missing drivers which can next be updated with a single click. It is also possible to backup and restore drivers as well as uninstall removed hardware driver. Initially, you can enjoy the free trial of this software in Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and Vista after which you can proceed with the pro version.

You can schedule daily, weekly and monthly scans whenever you log into Windows or when your PC remains idle for longs spans of time. Drivers are also downloaded inside the program without having to open an external web browser. Some of its additional characteristics are scanning for driver updates and viewing hardware information even when internet connectivity is lacking.

#2. DriverPack Solution

The intuitive user interface stands out as one of the most striking aspects of DriverPack Solution featuring just a few buttons for keeping it as much straightforward as possible. Both automated installs and bulk downloads is supported by this program so that you don’t have to deal with installation wizards.

After opening DriverPack Solution for the first time you can take your pick between manual or automatic modes of downloading and installing all the drivers. It accompanying software downloader helps in installing some recommended programs in your computer to accentuate its efficiency.

#3. Driver Navigator

This has been developed by Easeware Technology Ltd. and works in a manner similar to that of its peers mentioned both above and below. However, that one thing which is bound to make you come back time and again is its striking user interface. The tool is compatible with all Windows versions and ensures optimum performance with each scan.

#4. DriverIdentifier

This extremely useful yet simple free driver updater program helps in scanning for drivers even when you don’t have a handy internet connectivity. This surely can be of great help if your network card driver is malfunctioning because of any reason. You can save the list of drivers as an HTML file once the scanning process is complete. The DriverIndentifier website needs to cross-reference its results with the ones stored in the database. You can ensure the same by opening the file on a computer having good internet connectivity. Drivers which require updating will feature an Update Link next to them.

#5. Driver Talent

Previously it was known as DriveTheLife and features numerous functionalities which can improve your PC’s performance and maintain the up-to-date nature of your system drivers. You can download, fix and update both drivers and issues with a few clicks. It also becomes possible to backup, uninstall and restore the drivers of PC hardware components like the graphics card, motherboard, sound card, network adapter and other peripheral devices like keyboard, mouse, printer, webcam and many more.

You also won’t be required to scan the Internet for official download links making the whole process much easier. The release date of the driver along with its size and version number are exhibited and can be of exceptional help while proceeding with the download. You can also opt for its alternative version which works offline and can serve as your perfect pick if you wish to install drivers without adequate support of an installed network driver. You can install Driver Talent in Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 following which most of the driver updates get downloaded pretty quickly.

#6. Driver Genius

Obsolete and missing drivers can be detected on a PC using Driver Genius once you are done with scanning. The automatic best driver updater feature of this tool ensures minimal efforts of the user as it paves the path for one-click restoration and easy driver backup. Your hardware temperature can also be monitored by Driver Genius which ultimately helps in protecting your GPU, CPU, and HDD. It is also necessary to note here that Driver Genius can be availed for free and is compatible with most of the Windows versions.

#7. DriverMax

This free Windows program aids in updating outdated drivers although it is limited in terms of its functionality. Apart from updating old drivers, it can also back up some of the currently installed ones, roll back drivers, restore backed up drivers and identify unknown hardware. It has also been found that a higher number of outdated drivers can be discovered by DriverMax in comparison to its peer programs. You can check out the version numbers against the presently installed drivers and all of them are bound to come off as valid updates. DriverMax is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.

#8. DriverHive

This software works in a manner similar to the other driver updating software mentioned in this list although it offers a much more intuitive user interface. It also becomes possible to scan and repair errors as well as manage them using this well-designed software. However, the best thing about DriverHive is that it is compatible with all versions of Windows.

#9. DriversCloud

This free service aids in finding detailed information pertaining to both your software and hardware inclusive of outdated drivers. It operates by downloading a program which allows a web browser in gathering requisite information regarding your computer. You can come across categories like My Drivers, BSOD Analysis, Network Configuration, Autorun and other areas from the website.

You can view complete information about the new driver along with the currently installed one which can be of considerable help in updating a driver. Details pertaining to the manufacturer, version number, hardware ID, and INF file name and date can be obtained from DriversCloud which can be installed in Windows XP, 8, 8, 10 and 2000.

Drivers are essential for your system as they establish a connection in between software and hardware components. Thus, issues are bound to arise if your system drivers become outdated and experience difficulty in responding to your commands. Herein lies the utility of updating drivers on your system which can be achieved by the 9 software listed out above.

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