On Demand choices. Streaming services. Live TV. All these terms have become a norm in the televisual realm. Whenever someone recommends you a TV show, you check whether it’s available on Netflix or Hulu. That’s how common these services have become and are expected to only grow exponentially. You simply add a TV show to your watch-list and watch it at your ease with zero time and location restrictions. You don’t have to head to the cinema to watch Marvel movies anymore. You don’t have to wait for years for a blockbuster movie to air on cable TV when it will be available on On Demand in a few months’ time. That’s how rapidly the streaming realm has evolved.

Now that our choices of entertainment are exclusively becoming digital, let’s take a look at the pros of the existing streaming services and networks.

Guarantees affordability

The excitement of waiting for your new Marvel movie on the big screen cannot be explained in mere words. However, if you do the accounting and jot down the number of movies you have so far watched at the cinema, the expense will be far greater than watching the same movie on Disney+ or on your local cable TV. The tickets are costly, getting a large bag of popcorn is costly and of course, so is the conveyance cost. Now take the same scenario but with a subscription service. It’s true that you will have to wait a few months for the movie to hit On Demand or on a streaming platform, you still get to save monthly with a one-time single subscription.

No Advertisements

Whenever you hear of streaming platforms, you are reminded of YouTube and Twitch. Without a premium Twitch account, you cannot do anything about those annoying ads. As for YouTube, there’s AdBlock to save the day. But with platforms like Netflix, Disney+ and Hulu, all the content is ad-free. You are never bombarded with random 60-second ads while streaming an episode of Stranger Things. If it were a free streaming site then get ready for an ad galore.

More than convenient

There are time or boundary restrictions when it comes to streaming nor do you have to rewatch an entire series from scratch if you missed one or two episodes. You can stream your favorite shows at your convenience. You can rewind back to a certain scene, you can add shows in your watch-list for later viewing and you can pause an episode when an important chore comes up. There are absolutely no restrictions whatsoever.

Other alternatives

Are streaming platforms the only option you have? What if you wanted to look for other alternatives? Well we have one in store for you. If you are subscribed to cable broadband then note that most cable providers also come with cable TV services. Now some of you will prefer cord-cutting over a TV set but now the forms of cable TV have evolved as well. Many cable providers like Spectrum TV Silver have come up with On Demand options and streaming TV partners to enable streaming and Live TV for its subscribers. You get the best of both worlds, cord cutting and traditional cable TV, with a cable provider.

To conclude

We are only going to see more of these streaming services. No one expected that one day even Disney would have its very own streaming service. Now you can find all Disney and Marvel original content on Disney+ and stream away at affordable rates. There is only going to be a rise in streaming, On Demand and live TV apps and we are anticipating what these novel services have brewing up for us.