Affiliate marketing

A lot of people are earning through Amazon Affiliate marketing program; the conversion rate is high with a low-risk factor in Affiliate marketing. All you need to do is create an Amazon Affiliate account and get associate links of products you are going to promote. After you have selected a right product that you can sell to the targeted audience, start promoting it everywhere, to social media, Blogs, and forums. The affiliate marketing is a promotion-based business, you will lose none, get bigger commissions whenever a user clicks and buys your affiliated product, it’s easy and simple. Well, if you have created an Amazon Affiliate Account, what to do next? The best and most common way to earn money from multiple product links is creating a money site with all the relevant content and Amazon Affiliate links on a single web address so that user can click from the same source each time. Keep all the links organized, creating a website is the only way to do this.

How to Promote Affiliate Links?

Promoting links can be tiresome for newbies, it takes effort and time to earn from Affiliate marketing, it can be days or months before getting money from link promotion business. There are zillions of ways to get your money site promoted, it can be through Social Media, Journal Review blog commenting, web forums, Youtube, and whatnot. What is the most feasible way? Yes, it is social media. We are living in the age of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Everyone has one of them or all of them, so target everyone. We scroll hundreds of posts everyday on social media, think like a buyer, get them attracted through Facebook posts, comment on relevant groups and pages, use paid twitter promotion, create a video or photo and post it on your personal or business page on Instagram and see results for yourself.

The Facebook Strategy

Facebook is the most popular forum, get your products organized and post them on money site. Facebook allows paid promotion of affiliated products indirectly if the accessible link is via your money site, not directly to Amazon. However, if you are not using Facebook boosting service, you can post a direct link to your personal posts or post it to a Facebook Page or Groups, add comments on the posts by other people or pages, or share it to your timeline, Facebook won’t strike unpaid organic posts by personal pages and accounts.

How to Reach More Audience?

To reach a more relevant audience, create a Facebook page, or buy an already established Facebook page from someone (you will find many). Now, post a direct link in a post, always try to post relevant content on a page, it will draw more attention to the audience. If you are selling Fashion products, create or buy a Fashion or celebrity page, promote all the related products and get more clicks and conversions than creating a sports page and promoting fashion-related posts. Always add images to your posts, users are more attracted to photos than written posts; add a video if possible and engage the audience to click on the attached link. If you are planning to place a direct link, remember to add a caption that says the link provided is an affiliate, it will add a protection to your account or Facebook page.