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Automation With a Unique Tool for Migration Called Soar

There are only three ways most businesses can deal with their enterprise analytics with or without cloud. Most businesses come in any of the three categories on-premises analytics, those who are not ready to migrate to the cloud and those who have made up their minds to shift. Everyone is not proactive when it comes to migrating. However, for those who intend to do the needful, can certainly consider soaring with an automated system of an Oracle data integrator cloud-a unique tool for migration.

There is no 3rd party involvement and this is just one of the benefits for a BI team to choose to shift to the cloud. This latest upgrade will need no change for a long time to come.

Challenges of migrating reduced

Make the most of new technology

Oracle is an ERP major that offers some of the best solutions for cloud migration. In a survey conducted in the USA by IDG in 2016, nearly 70% of businesses have opted for cloud services. Since then, there is a scramble to be updated with the technologies and practices. But most BI teams overlook the challenges and quite a few organizations have fallen behind. Even though they have made up their minds to migrate they still use outdated on-site analytics or are left with no technological aid, at all. There are several legacy systems that hold infrastructure complexities and continue to be a red tape around migration.

The challenges that most organizations were confronted with earlier and even now are:

  • Shortage of technical expertise within the organization
  • Workforce not open to new technologies
  • Infrastructure not adequate for integration
  • Not envisioning the time factor for migrating
  • Uncertain ROI and cost factors
  • Security concerns like data theft, hacking, or leak
  • Business objectives being re-aligned
  • Training the workforce to adopt the technology and cloud services
  • Issues of data loss during the migration process
  • Complex integration and mismatch of various platforms


Which integration service provider is most beneficial?

Will they use Oracle Soar?

The main reason for choosing an oracle cloud integration service provider is that operational costs are reduced and the above challenges are equally minimized to a large extent. Regular servers continue to help people do business effectively. Oracle Soar is now empowering customers who do not wish to depend on 3rd party software. Effectively, software like Ali Baba Stack Up, Racemi, and Cloud Endure, will not be required at all by the cloud service provider. Oracle is already providing free technical aid and one-year free support to those who wish to use this new tool for cloud migration. If business agility is on your mind, it is necessary to tap into this futuristic automated tool as Gartner studies reveal that by 2020 cloud will be common to most global companies.

Moving to the cloud is not always about reducing operational costs but to tap into the scalability and agility of doing business online. Currently, nearly 51% of IT departments are keen on cloud computing for their organizations. They have been able to have effective enterprise analytics to help BI teams to take decisions. Each organization will continue to need a tailor-made architecture for data governance. This will also require the balance of major business goals. To combine the two, the best way is to have a hybrid cloud deployment.

What works in favor of Oracle Soar journey?

Especially, for those already using it

Several frontline businesses have already chosen oracle data integrator cloud’s newest technology. Migration need not be a frustrating experience. Those who are already using it have seen transformations in various departments like HR, finance, and supply chains. The possible solutions include automated data, process analyzer, discovery assessment, and other tools that make Soar a reliable method. A customer is also able to keep a track of the migration journey-albeit with a smartphone.

An implementation guide allows the intuitive app to work and keep the migration process smooth. The main reason for introducing Soar for customers is to make the migration journey safer with no data loss. For customers who are already using cloud services, it is a boon, especially, because no 3rd party is involved. All ERP systems require automated tools and this is a standard offering from Oracle and its major benefit is that this upgrade will last a long time.

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