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7 Best Trending Mobile Apps for Android Phones

The fact is undeniable that we are living in the era where we can easily say that we are residing in the digitalized world. We are surrounded by so many technologies and inventions that are hard to count.

Mobile phones are the most common technology that the world is depending on these days. It has minimized the human effort up to the very extent. The best part is that it comes in handy, we can carry it easily anywhere we want. We don’t have to be concerned about taking our laptops everywhere we go.

Using Android phones can also be a big money-saving option. Since Android phones are the open source phone, most of the mobile apps on the Google Play Store are free of cost. There are hundreds and thousands of mobile apps that have brought ease to human life by managing our daily tasks. And the best part is that mobile apps not only help you accomplish tasks or to do your daily work, but there is also a vast number of great mobile apps for keeping you socialized, hundreds of mobile apps for photography, to capture your memories. Well, these mobile apps are just a tiny part, there is definitely a lot more you can explore each and every single day.

Here are the ten best trending mobile apps for Android phones that you can use and enjoy free of cost.

#1. Google Opinion Rewards

Although Android offers an enormous pool of free mobile apps, a few of the applications are still paid. They might provide a free trial version which is free for a limited time period. That sounds a little annoying, now isn’t it?

There is a way you can earn some credit to buy these mobile apps without even paying the real money. You can download Google Opinion Rewards on your Android phone and answer few questions about yourself and fill out the surveys, give feedback to earn the points that can be used to purchase any paid application on the phone.

Doesn’t that sound great? Well, it sounds mind-blowing to me, and I’m going to download it right away!

#2. Google Play Books

Google Play Books is the best mobile app for all the bookworms out there. It offers an excellent room for the readers to enjoy all the e-books and audiobooks that they have purchased from the Play store.

The application itself is free of cost mobile app, and it stores a collection of millions of e-books and audiobooks.

#3. Google Fit

Keeping track of your health is good. And today’s technology makes sure that you don’t lack anywhere to keep yourself fit. Android offers some great mobile apps for their users to keep check of their health-related activities.

Google Fit is one of the great applications to track your activity if you are an Android user. It maintains the log for all your health activities like walking, running or cycling. It also measures the user’s wellness.

#4. Camera FV-5

Are you a passionate photographer searching for the perfect mobile apps for taking the best clicks? Are you tired of searching the Google Play store for that one application that will satisfy your photographer soul?

Download Camera FV-5 for the best quality pictures. It is a professional camera application that is free of cost and also provides a vast collection for editing and taking photos in a DSLR style.

#5. Candy Camera

Candy Camera is the best free mobile app for taking selfies. It is one of the most trending mobile apps for clicking selfies. It offers a vast collection of filters to pick from and get your perfect selfie.

Candy Camera also has an immense collection of beauty functions to enhance your beauty the way you like it. You can download the application from the Google App Store and start taking amazing selfies!

#6. WhatsApp

Talking through regular texting mobile apps or calling someone could cost you a lot. Everyone wants the solutions to their problems that come free of cost.

WhatsApp offers the best solution to the problem of texting or calling through apps that cost you money. It is a free mobile application that permits the user to connect to the world through text messages and calls without paying anything. The only obligation is that you should be connected to a good internet connection to avail the free of cost services.

#7. Instagram

If you are socializing without putting on some cool photos, it won’t sound so fulfilling. Instagram provides a broad platform to get socialize, share your pictures and videos with the world.

It is a great mobile app to share your moments with the world and get connected to your family and friends. You can also look at the photos and videos from the people or community you follow on Instagram.

There are millions of other mobile apps that you can easily download from the Play store. Many will be free of cost and won’t be costing you a single dime. But there will be a few mobile apps that you will have to purchase. But it’s okay to spend a little money on the things you desire. After all, every desire comes with a price!

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