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Best Way to Secure Your Computer for Free

The omnipresence of PCs and persistent dangers from cybercriminals, ensuring the health of your PC is an absolute necessity.

The critical method through which malware infects computer systems is the Internet and its mainstream benefit, the Web.

There are various approaches to shield and expel malware from our PCs like using best anti malware tool. However, no technique individually is sufficient to guarantee complete system security.

The more layers of protection, the harder it is for criminals to contaminate your PC.

Keep reading this article to learn more about the straightforward but necessary strides to secure your PC.

Install, update and use system security Programs

Introducing antivirus programming may seem like an undeniable initial step to guard your system against malware. However, not everyone follows this rule.

Malware here includes all types of system threats including virus, Trojans, Ransomware, rootkits, worms, adware and many more.

However just installing Best antivirus program for windows will not solve the issue, permanent protection is what is required to ensure complete system security.

Real-time protection is an added advantage offered by antivirus software which guards your pc along with the information stored in it.

Furthermore, the new age antivirus software’s are programmed to update automatically to protect the computer system from all zero-day malware.

Keep Windows Up-to-date

Programmers regularly find better approaches to Bypass Windows’ built-in security highlights, which is the reason Microsoft issues regular security patches and updates now and then.

Along with Windows, make sure that all your software is updated with the recent versions of updated and security patches.

Up-to-date system software and Windows version is imperative for PC health and guards your system against all zero-day malware attacks.

Be wary of spam email attachments

The ongoing increment in phishing assaults has made it harder to assume that an email was sent by the individual whose name shows up in the From field.

Usually, phishing emails appear to be from familiar sources asking you to log into to specific sites using personal details.

Spam email is a prominent source of identity thefts and should be filtered and blocked by all means.

Proper Email protocol should be followed to detect and block all fraudulent emails.

Turn on the Windows Firewall

A firewall plays the role of system guard and lays the first step towards system security. It acts as a barrier between unauthorized programs trying to access your system through the network and your computer system. Make sure that your Firewall is turned on permanently to block all such unwanted access.

In the Start menu search box type “Check Firewall” to check its settings and choosing Check firewall status from the results.

Use the latest version of Web Browser

Internet browsers are critical applications and just like any other software they can contain bugs.

Cybercrooks rush to capitalize system vulnerabilities.

Once an internet browser has been compromised, system hackers can exploit data and monitor your day to day activities.

That is the reason it’s crucial to utilize the most recent version of your internet browser – something besides this might pose a security risk.

Backup your system

The steps as mentioned earlier are generally used to protect your system from malicious malware, however keeping a system backup reduces the level of losses caused by virus attack.

To make sure that your data is safe and secure, users are advised to keep data backup on an external hard drive along with online backup.

Data backup provides stability and allows regular synchronization of your data with online backup servers.

Encrypt your Network Connection

Ensure that the “Always use https” is active under the general tab. Only use “https” URLs.

  • Don’t trust public Wi-Fi
  • Do not trust open WI-Fi connections

Beware of surfing using the local coffee shop Wi-Fi. A tremendous amount of data is sent over unencrypted web connections. Make sure that you only rely on Virtual private networks for all your browsing needs.

Use Strong Passwords

Using passwords is imperative for system health and data privacy. Always use a secure password which contains minimum 8 characters, should be a complex combination of alphanumeric letters and should never provide any personally identifiable information.

It’s best to set different passwords for all websites that you use.

Do you need internet connection 24/7?

Not really, if your computer system running 24.7 and you do not use web connection regularly, it is sensible to turn off network connection when not in use.

“Always on” connections are always at the radar of hackers, staying off at times makes you less attractive.

Final WordThe measures mentioned above are only the tip of the iceberg and are meant to keep you safe online.

There are many other things you can follow to keep your system guarded.

Follow these measures along with basic computing hygiene, email protocol, and watchfulness to guard your system against malicious malware round the clock.

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