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Check List to Choose A Theme for WordPress

The themes or themes of WordPress are templates that help us in the design of a web project since they provide us with a base on which to start working.

For this reason, it is important to be clear about a number of points before choosing a WordPress theme, because if we rely on the mere presence of the creator, then surely it is not what we need.

There are topics that are free, but usually have few customization options, unless you enter to play your code, or have limited support. This does not mean that they are bad, but for a serious project that seeks differentiation and good results, it is advisable to take a look at premium themes.

Some points on which we must look before selecting a good WordPress theme for our web project are the following:

Be clear about the purpose of the web

Planning and developing a website with clear objectives, thinking of the user and adapted to the client’s needs is not the same as “making a website”. Before taking any step, it is necessary to make a brief with the client, detailing several points that indicate the path to follow.

The subject of the brief gives for another post, so for the moment, we are going to stay with one of its points: what is the objective of the web? Do you want to sell online? get records? online reservations? Knowing exactly what we are looking for will help us in finding the right topic to achieve the website’s objectives and not fall into basic errors.

Structure of the website

While all WordPress templates can be customized, we already have an idea of how we want to distribute the elements on the screen and what the content tree will be. In this way we will discard those issues that are far from our idea and we can go looking at others that adapt to our needs.

Choice of colors and fonts

A website must have a coherence of corporate image. The colors must be according to the image we want to transmit, so it is important that the WordPress theme that we choose allows us to choose colors to our liking. This is not an essential requirement since they can always be modified through CSS, but if you already allow it, it will save us work.

On the other hand, how many more sources have more possibilities for customization we will have, as well as adapting to the corporate image manual of the company?

Based on HTML5 and CSS3

This part is more technical, and although it may not be obvious to the naked eye, it can have implications at the level of code cleansing or natural search engine positioning.

Responsive design

This is a condition yes or yes. We have already commented on the importance of having a website adapted to mobile devices. The responsive design will allow our website to be viewed correctly on a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet or a mobile phone.

Support and documentation

Although all the premium templates will support us, it is interesting to note that we are going to receive this support and the way in which we can access it.

It is also important to see the documentation they will give us. In some cases they can even help us with video tutorials in the configuration.

As you can see, choosing a WordPress theme goes beyond making it beautiful. We have already commented in a previous post the advantage of using WordPress, which although it is free download and open source does not mean there is no work behind planning, adjustments, personalization or positioning.

Obviously depending on how our project is, we will have some needs or others, such as the option to show a portfolio, have an online store or the visual section is powerful. That is why good planning is very important before taking any step.

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