Colors and Animations

Companies worldwide develop a website in a bid to use it to its optimum use. Through an e-commerce website, the major task for a company is to offer the visitors exactly what they are looking for in terms of content and offers. But selling a product to a prospective customer is not that simple as there are hundreds of thousands of other companies online selling the same product as yours. So what is your USP so that a customer will select you? Let’s indulge in this question in detail.

The design of a website is one aspect that can make it one of the best reason for a visitor to stay on a website for long. While there can be many factors that can contribute to a site being perfect, the following two factors are one of the critical elements of web design and nowadays. Let me shed some light on these factors for your easy understanding of the topic and you can get the help from any reputed web design agency in this regard.

#1. Animation

A simple animation can do a task with hot 10 pictures or a host of text can’t. For example, if you need to make sure that your audience can understand the process of ordering a jacket form your website, then a simple animation would do. People are well aware of how to order from a website that they know quite well like Amazon. But on a new website, even if the process is familiar, they tend to hesitate to order and need assistance. Not everyone is comfortable to talk to a customer support representative on phone or through live text as some of them can’t read or listen to an English conversation that fluently. So what is the remedy? This is where animation comes in.

Through a simple animated video of 30 seconds, a person can fully understand how he can complete a process to order a process in a hassle-free manner. While you may be surprised, storytelling is an important way to make sure that you are on the right track in preparing an animation that can hit the mark. Several such short animations can make the visitors of your website no qualms about how t use or order a product form it.

Animated logos are also in vogue nowadays and have become quite a rage since the start of 2018.  It’s a visual representation of your company in a fun way as it can attract people in hordes and can make your brand recognizable in the future. And thanks to it the GIF has also returned with many companies looking to take advantage of this simple strategy that is over 2 decades old but can still offer something of immense value for a brand.

#2. Colors

The use of colors is an obvious option for any website as no way you can attract visitors through a black-and-white website. There are now millions of shades available that can be used in a website, graphic design or as the font colors. But the use of bold colors is on the rise recently a there are many ways in which it will dominate the scene in the years to come. Let me tell you why.

A striking visual treatment needs to be implemented across the board nowadays to lure a visitor so that he may stay on your website for a longer period. That’s one aspect that is pretty much clear as bold colors are now in vogue from last year itself and the trend is showing no sign of slowing down. And it is not limited to just the websites as businesses are making full use of it in the print media and outdoor media as well. You may have noticed a billboard with a bold color in place.

There are now tools available that can make a website very interesting to watch as they offer interesting ways to use colors. That’s why designers are also exploring new ways to use colors in a variety of ways.

Final Word

If you need further information regarding what’s need to be done and how to go about making a website absolutely fantastic by the use of animation and colors, you are more than welcome to question me on this. Please use the comments section below in this regard.