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Driver Talent Pro Full Review: A Useful Tool to Update Drivers

Faulty drivers in Windows system can cause hardware-related problems including sound issues, peripheral device issues, network issues, and many other problems.

Although we can always install/update drivers with the built-in Device Manager, it is usually an exhausting process to search for the right driver. To fix driver related issues efficiently, you may need a third-party driver updater such as Driver Talent. Here is the Driver Talent review:


Driver Talent is an easy-to-use tool which can detect whether problematic drivers on your computer and install/repair them in minutes. It has many great features such as auto-scan for problematic drivers, one-click to repair/install drivers, and driver/system backup. With Driver Talent, you don’t need to search or download drivers manually.

Key Features

Intuitive User Interface

The user interface of Driver Talent is quite simple and clean. After a quick process of installation (less than 5 seconds), you can open the tool. The first screen asks you to scan your computer.

Driver Talent

Click the Scan button to scan the computer for problematic drivers. When it is done, it will jump to the report screen where all faulty drivers will be listed. Just click the Start button on the top right and the program will install or repair related drivers automatically. If you need further help, you can contact the customer service team or find FAQs and user guide by clicking the options on the upper right corner. But believe me, the layout is so clear and intuitive that even a first-time user will know what to do easily.

Driver Talent

Auto Scan and One-click Update/Install/Repair

As stated above, Driver Talent can scan your PC/laptop automatically for missing, outdated, damaged and corrupted drivers. After that, all you need is a simple click of the Start button on the report screen and the program will automatically install the recommended versions of drivers. But if you need, it does provide different driver versions for you to choose– just click the triangle button beside the version information.

Backup & Restore Drivers/System

Before installing and uninstalling drivers, Driver Talent can automatically back up drivers and create a system restore point so you can easily roll back to the previous version. With this important feature, you don’t have to worry about the issues caused by newly installed drivers.

Pre-download Drivers

You can download and save drivers for your own computer in case the system is changed, or you can download the drivers and transfer them to another PC for installation. This is indeed a very useful feature especially when you have no internet connection.


Driver Talent works perfectly overall, but it has one defect: some security programs such as BitDefender Total Security may block it. In this case, users may need to whitelist Driver Talent or turn off their security program temporarily.

Price & License

Driver Talent provides three pricing plans for individual users. You can get a lifetime license for 1 PC at $19.95, for 3 PCs at $26.95 and for 5 PCs at $34.95. Compared to other similar driver updaters, the price of Driver Talent is really attractive since you don’t have to pay annually. With such a favorable price and the great performance, Driver Talent is totally a recommendable tool.

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