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Most Significant Fin-tech Marketing Strategies In 2019

If you want to get involved in the promising fin-tech industry then you must know and follow the best fin-tech marketing techniques. Typically, this is a compilation of different marketing techniques that are specifically designed and customized by the financial technology or ‘fin-tech’ companies.

These are the companies that use new technologies extensively with the intent of improving the service on the whole. There are several reasons why this specific financial service is gaining popularity with each passing day but the two most significant ones seem to be as follows:

  • With almost a complete automated process, the fin-tech industry seems to be the safest and most suitable alternative to traditional banking.
  • Consumers are appreciating this move and more and more of them are taking on to such financial services.

Therefore, apart from creating a great product which is the first step to make the best out of this tech service that has revolutionized the finance industry, you must also focus on deploying the correct fintech marketing techniques.

However, since this market is already saturated this might seem to you as a challenge especially when the traditional banking companies and financial institutions have started to use these emerging technologies and are fast catching up.

Cut off the boredom

There is no denial of the fact that from the point of view of the customers, financial services can be really boring. There is no way you can cover it up and no companies try to do so no matter how they attempt to market their services. Therefore, the call of the hours to be successful in this specific field is to ensure that:

  • You provide top class user experiences and
  • Design products that will meet with the needs and expectations of the consumers.

If you want to put your fin-tech company in a desirable and respectable position and have a high rank in the SERPs you will need to ensure that your site has a high rating just as a debt relief company has high debt consolidation ratings, and be found easily and chosen by the visitor to make a transaction.

The only way to propel your company in the future is to know the tricks and deploy it today in your fin-tech marketing efforts to ensure success. These tricks and techniques will cut off the boredom and make sure you do not waste your time, money and effort with dull techniques followed from the past decade and advertise for and in a world that you are not a part of any longer.


Go mobile with your initiatives

Stepping onto 2019, you must go mobile with your fin-tech marketing strategies. This will make your initiative more productive and easy. Typically, you should focus on two major aspects of marketing such as:

  • Going mobile and
  • Optimize your website.

You must have a robust content marketing plan for your marketing needs if you want to grow your business.

Given this day and age, more and more people use their smartphones for several and varied purpose that includes:

  • To access the internet
  • To buy a product or service
  • To look up for any info and even
  • To play a game.

Everything in the 21stcentury has gone mobile and so should your fin-tech marketing strategies. If you do not make the best use of such a precious handheld device, you are surely missing out on a major chunk of your customers not being able to connect with them.

One effective way

Going mobile is one of the most effective ways in which you can connect with your consumers directly and easily. According to recent studies, it is shown that:

  • People spend almost five hours a day using their mobile devices and
  • The time spent on mobile apps has also skyrocketed a gigantic 69% as compared to the 2016 figure.

Therefore, if you can make the most out of those five hours of the day, you can target the mobile users to make the very most out of your business and its marketing strategies. There are specific ways in which you can achieve your goal.

  • First, you will need to design a website that is mobile responsive. This will not only help you to rank better and higher in the Google SERP but will also create more conversions of the visitors to your site.
  • Next, you must make sure that you do not provide the users with a below optimal digital experience after knowing the fact that more than 52% of all online searches are done by using a mobile device.
  • Since mobile is all about speed and ease of use you must also focus on the site design eliminating all unnecessary widgets or pop-ups. You must make sure that the content is relevant and the navigation is not frustrating as these will ensure that the users do not move in and out of your site within just a matter of seconds.

Focus more on the specific things that you should include in your site that will make the site fast, effective and retain the visitors to result in higher conversion. These things include:

  • Making sure that the web copy is to the point and brief
  • Using visual elements such as icons, videos, infographics, and imagery
  • Using large fonts to make it legible and easy to read and
  • Using less or no intrusive animations

The bottom line is to have some time in your hand when you design your website to ensure that it not only looks but also performs amazingly on any mobile device. Make sure that you keep things simple and clear and the site has a compelling and eye-catching Cal to action.

This is a great way to get started as this will ensure that you make the most out of the platform. However, things do not end here because you will also have to consider spending on ads and SEO efforts to gain more organic traffic.

One last thing, analyze your site results frequently so that you know it is performing at the desired level.

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