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How Much Does It Cost To Build Whats App Clone App?

Whats App, the best mobile messaging app, is blind. Talk to friends, share videos, Figs, and make audio and video calls with your family today so you don’t have to spend any money. As announced this year by Facebook (bought Whats App in 2014), the messaging app has 1 billion daily active users.

What you need to run an app like Whats App is a good idea to change the behavior of the app. You are lucky enough to be here to clone Whats App. India Constant’s app developers continue to help you with chat app business ideas. We hope the engineers on your project will move beyond this wave of technology and ultimately produce the most exciting results.

Main functions of Whats App Messenger:

  • Register with your mobile phone number.
  • Real-time event
  • Share files and photos;
  • Record your answering machine.
  • Voice call.

Let’s look at the function first. After cloning Whats App, you need to find out the Whats App development price.

App prototype

How to make Whats App with a practical design? It is undeniable that every modern messenger looks like a model. It may be awful, but it’s on purpose. This standard-design clearly separates the lights so that the latest chats are at the top of your contact list so you can easily find what you need you can find out here for Whats App Clone App.

Here are designs for some of the most popular instant messaging apps.

Part of the server

How does Whats App work? In order for users to exchange messages, you need an intermediary to store and send messages. This intermediary is the server.

First, Whats App switched to this internal solution with Ejabberd’s XMPP server: Erlang is used as the primary language, but can be found in PHP. This service uses an SQLite database to store data.

Register with phone number

Apps like Whats App Messenger usually use a phone number to send text messages to friends and acquaintances (as opposed to the individual apps that the social network prefers). It’s also very useful: in most cases, people register by phone with their SIM card and their number. After making your selection, you will receive an SMS with an authentication code.

To register by number, the server must send an SMS to the registered user number. On the other hand, the mobile client receiving this SMS has to read the authentication code and send it back to the server. To automate this process, the developer has prepared this library.

Real-time event

Whats App development, real-time publishing, and events all include the implementation of all UI responses. These technologies are used for this in the form of push notifications (possibly when the app is in the background or inactive) and Web Sockets (when the app is online to provide a permanent two-way connection).

Events such as receiving new messages and adding friends are sent via two channels (Push and Web Socket) depending on the current status of the priority application. Sometimes statuses such as “online“, “print“, “read” etc. can be used. The status is only transmitted via Web Socket and directly controls the application interface in real-time. For more information on setting up real-time events, see the documentation. I use time to write a company message for a customer:

  1. Web Socket protocol
  2. mobile database field
  3. Library data link
  4. Restful API
  5. Redesigned Library 2.0
  6. Firebase Cloud messages for push notifications

Share files and photos

Gone are the days when chat rooms were only used to exchange text messages and emotions. Currently, users are sending each other pictures, videos, and various links. Various algorithms must be implemented to add files to the application conversation. Debugging can take some time due to different operating system versions. Fortunately, the developer runs the library and it really helps speed up the process you can find out more here for Whats App Clone App.

Registration to the answering machine

The voice message recording feature is useful when you cannot call or print everything you need for a while. Hence, the pickup and delivery functions need to implement a courier like Whats App. In addition, messages should be read directly in the chat window without opening an external program, without delay. The files are entered using a number of standard functions of the operating system. It then sends the file to the server and waits for the recipient to receive it. In this case, the server is the intermediary between client programs.

Voice call

When creating a program like Whats App, making voice calls can be the most difficult and expensive task as voice quality depends on many reasons, most of which require studies and tests. As with Slack, you can add voice communications without adding them first. This option is only available to premium subscribers. For VoIP functionality, Whats App uses the PJSIP library to provide multimedia communication.

Hope you understand how Whats App works and the terms for it. Let’s look at the bigger question here. Given the features described in this Whats App article, how much does it cost?

Whats App development costs

It costs $ 50,000 to develop an instant messaging app like Whats App.

  • Prototype – $ 5,000
  • App Development (iOS + Android) – Starting at $ 28,000
  • Background – $ 17,000

Don’t forget about features like encryption and Whats App calling either. The cost depends on the ability to perform this function.

If you need the muted version, it will cost you $ 32,000. Of course, it costs to develop a messenger like Whats App and that can vary depending on the situation, skills required, etc. in a separate project.

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