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Iot Devices Will Replace Smartphones in The Upcoming Future

Decades ago, the world was gawking at the idea that a device not bigger than our palm would revolutionize the way we eat, live, and go about our lives. It was more surprising than ever when these devices assumed the role of our personal assistants. With surpassing time, these devices, aptly called mobiles, changed the whole outlook of communication; while spam free apps made the world of entertainment a dream come true.

When paired with internet and cloud services, mobiles became our navigation assistant, teacher, planner and guide when visiting a new place and what not. From startling us awake to jotting our day-to-day notes at bedtime and from controlling our home thermostat to organizing our calendar and events, our lives without smartphones are now unfathomable.

Given the hoard of activities that our smartphones do for us, it is quite unthinkable to think of a time which will have smartphones replaced by any other technology. However, technology experts and big names of the industry accept the fact that mobile phones are going to go in the background and more innovative and cutting-edge technology will come into the foreground.

IoT – the tech that’s going to replace smartphones

To know how IoT (internet of things) devices will be replacing the smartphones we hold so dear to us, we need to pay a quick visit to what these devices are and what do the statistics show. Then we can move on to see how this technology aims to replace smartphones.

What is IoT?

In the simplest terms, IoT is anything and everything connected to the internet. It refers to trillions of physical devices invented and used around the globe that are linked to the internet to collect and share data.

From a simple bulb to a driverless car, anything that is connected to the internet and can be controlled remotely is included under the umbrella of IoT devices. However, the catch is that IoT devices are mainly the ones which aren’t usually expected to be connected to the internet. For the same reason, a PC is not an IoT device, but a thermostat, if connected to the internet, is an IoT device.

After understanding this simple phenomenon behind the IoT devices, we can easily look around and guess the many IoT devices already surrounding us. Your car with GPS enables you to navigate quickly, and your home assistant devices (such as Google Home) can control everything in your house, be it your TV or thermostat. Fitness bands can record and monitor your heart rate, exercise regime, etc.

All these devices are IoT and are replacing your smartphones as you no more need your smartphone to direct you to the way to the nearest store or salon, your car GPS can do that.

How is IoT going to replace smartphone?

Right now, the world is all about cellular connected devices; hence cellular IoT is common. However, Ericcson Mobility Report 2016 reports that the non-cellular IoT devices are going to outrank the cellular IoT devices by the year 2021. The following graph sums it all up.

Smartphones have paved the way for IoT. They are already making your lives brimmed with wireless services and making your homes smart. In the words of the CEO of Smartthings Alex Hawkinson; people are already using smartphones to be connected with their other physical devices such as your car, light adjustments in your home, your fitness monitor, etc.

Therefore, if IoT is all set to replace smartphones in the future, it is only reshaping and revolutionizing what smartphones have already stirred up.

Advancements in the technology of IoT and its devices are surpassing all imaginable limits. Marketers, entrepreneurs, and technological gurus, all deem the revolution IoT is going to bring as important. After all, who wouldn’t want wearables and devices that instantly connect to the internet and have your things saved and backed up?

IoT devices are energy and time efficient. Imagine a world without buttons or touch required to start off the connection. These can make consumers leave the world of connecting all the devices through smartphones and integrating them. 71% of Americans show their expectations of every household becoming a smart home with IoT devices by 2025.

Popular IoT devices

Take a look at the following IoT devices and how they are changing the outlook of our lives while replacing smartphones.

SmartSoles: equipped with GPS, shoes for people living with Alzheimer’s or dementia can be helpful in tracking the location of the loved one if they wander off.

Trakdot box: never bother about losing your luggage while traveling. It has a GPS-enabled system so that you can track your luggage even when the airline staff cannot.

Amazon echo: it is a cloud-connected home automation device. With state-of-the-art voice recognition technology, easy connection with Spotify and Pandora and Amazon Prime, this is a complete home automation package.

Nest: aptly named, this device controls the thermostat along with monitoring energy consumption and helping to lower the utility bills.

Smart fridge: it’s a fridge that is smart enough to tell you when you’re running out of things! It’s one of the best, most useful inventions of the IoT.

Google Home: it’s a mini assistant device with a speaker that keeps you informed about your daily schedules, your meetings, and your emails. It easily syncs and integrates with other Google products.

Final word

So, do you think the time where most of your daily functions carried out without smartphones is coming? The products listed above and the much more available on the internet certainly makes it seem real that IoT devices will replace smartphones in the future.

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