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Linux: Taking Over the Web and World

Linus Torvald did not know that his personal project on a new free operating system kernel would become a fad someday. The Linux kernel in its primitive form was of no practical use. But later, Linux and the GNU developers allied in order to integrate the GNU components with Linux so as to make a working, effective and free operating system.

Talking about the current scenario, Linux is open to myriads of developers all around the world for improvisation and innovation. This makes it a top choice among the developers.

But what is Linux?

Linux is basically an open-source working framework and is one of the most prominent OS amongst the web facilitating suppliers. With open-source, the source code can be utilized and adjusted in both the business and non-business limits. This is why the web hosting suppliers are clinging towards Linux Hosting as it permits noteworthy customization in the server abilities and client alternatives.

Today Linux powers supercomputers, bullet trains, Hollywood films, submarines and even the New York Exchange. Major tech companies like Intel, HP, Google and IBM are working continuously to enhance upon the Linux codes. The most interesting part of Linux is that you can add it to your own computer or laptop without paying anything.

But let us now delve deep into some of the interesting facts about Linux that makes it stand out from the crowd:

  • Linus comes with two birthdays! On 25th August in 1991, Linus Torvald announced to the world with Usenet that he was making a free operating system. But the first Linux kernel which occupied only 65 KB was released on 5th October in 1991. In honor of Torvald’s innovation, Linux day is celebrated on the Saturday closest to August the 25th.
  • Although many of you might call Linux an operating system, but technically Linux refers to the kernel that sits at the core of an operating system. The first kernel occupied only 65KB of space and consisted of about 10,000 lines of Torvalds’s codes. In July 2017, Linux 4.12 was launched which comprises of 24,170,860 million lines of code.
  • Did you know Linux powers the New York Stock Exchange? Yes, you heard that right. The New York Stock Exchange and its European subsidiary Exchanges are running their trading systems on Linux. Thanks to fast computing, that Linux has surpassed the traditional UNIX.
  • Right from smartphones to submarines, Linux has it all. You would be surprised but the following runs on Linux:
  1. More than 98% of world’s 500 fastest supercomputers
  2. About 95% of top 1 million domains
  3. More than 80% of Smartphones running on Android
  4. Most of the global markets like NASDAQ, the London Exchange and also the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  5. More than 75% of the cloud-based enterprises.
  6. World’s giant e-commerce leaders like Amazon, EBay, Wal-Mart and PayPal.
  • The Japanese bullet trains use Linux to manage and maintain the Automatic Train Control System. Moreover, the giant automobile manufacturer Toyota, use the Linux platform for incorporating In-Vehicle-Infotainment Technology.
  • An operating system called Minix inspired Linus Torvalds for building Linux. Minix is very much similar to the UNIX. Minix was created by Andrew S. Tanenbaum and people know him by a very famous book he wrote called Operating Systems: Design and Implementation.
  • Tux which is also called the Linux Penguin Logo was suggested By Linus Himself. Tux is actually not a logo but is a mascot. Tux was designed by a programmer named Larry Ewing.

Today, Linux has a reputation as software that only specialists might look to install.

Linux Gatecrashing the Web Hosting Solutions

The Linux-based web hosting solutions are enjoying a considerable market share all around the world, and are being hailed as more flexible, scalable and cost-effective when compared with hosting on other operating systems.

What is Linux KVM VPS?

Linux Kernel-based Virtual Machine VPS (Virtual Private Hosting) serves as an ideal bridge between the shared hosting and dedicated servers. If you have the full root access, you can go ahead installing the advanced software and customize anything virtually as if your Linux KVM VPS were a dedicated server without the cost of one.

Reasons why Linux Hosting provides an Edge:

  • The licensing costs for Linux hosting are much lower than the Windows hosting solutions.
  • Linux hosting solutions are undoubtedly more stable than the Windows.
  • Linux hosting is known and trusted for its reliability.
  • Linux hosting supports a higher websites-per- server ratio without even compromising in the quality of service.

With market dynamics changing more swiftly than ever, the rate at which the customers are adopting open source related technologies and products have also witnessed an upswing all around the world. Linux Hosting is a great match for your cloud hosting and dedicated server solutions. Besides potentially cutting costs, Linux is scalable such that it can be configured according to the needs of your business. With just a few basic commands, you can do wonders with Linux.


Today, Linux is running on every Android phone and tablet on Earth. Even if you own an iPhone or a Mac or a Windows device, Linux is still working behind the lines, all across the Internet, coming up with most of the web pages you view and augmenting most of the applications that you use. Whether, it is Facebook, Google, Wikipedia, and Pinterest- all are running on Linux.  Moreover, Linux is paving its way onto televisions, cars, thermostats, etc. As software’s are creeping in practically in every aspect of our life, so does Linus Torvalds with his Linux.

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