Netflix and VPN services are in a state of war since 2016, with bazookas of geo-restriction and tanks of encryption the war is not over yet. There are still a few that have survived and stand tall against Netflix.

Netflix announced that it would block VPNs which allowed viewers outside the United States to access the American library. There are very few VPN services that still work, let alone free not even paid ones are working.

Netflix has not revealed the way it blocks access, but probably they block IP address associated with hosting providers. Which means that even if you use a VPN via Digital Ocean and try accessing Netflix, you still won’t be able to bypass the geo-restriction.

Fear not, there are still some VPNs and proxy websites that work. There are a couple of free VPNs also available but it should be kept in mind that, free services are not always as reliable as the paid ones. Here we have listed some of the best VPN services for you to compare.

#1. PureVPN

Pure VPN is a Hong-Kong based service that offers fast service with servers around the globe. It has tons of features which are great for the price, especially if you go for a long-term subscription.

The service is remarkably cheap when you subscribe to a long-term plan. A three-year subscription converts to $1.49 per month. If you opt for monthly payments it’ll cost around $9.95

There is the free version or trial period, however

No free trial is available, but PureVPN does offer a seven-day money back guarantee. Pure VPN runs Netflix like a charm however, some users have reported that it does not work. Below is a guide to use PureVPN correctly and access Netflix.

#2. Ultrasurf

Ultra surf is a free VPN that works with Netflix, however, the difference is that it’s a proxy, a proxy is just like a VPN but it does not encrypt your data. Usually, a proxy website can be used to access blocked sites, all you have to do is type the URL into the proxy site. To setup ultra-surf, all you have to do is download its chrome extension and turn it on. Once you do that you have the freedom to connect to any server that you may wish to.

#3. Nord VPN

This is one of the most top-notch services available in the market and has a very high rating on various review sites. With that, it’s a little expensive than the market average. Nord does not have a free version however it does offer a limited time free trial so that you may experience the software. It also does not ask for credit card number while registering for a free trial which again is a plus point, keeping you safe.

This too is again a great option to access Netflix, the software interface is very simple to use and is not overloaded with complex options.

You can download a free version to test if you like the software or not, on mac, PC or Android. You can access Netflix now instantly, just choose the server you want to connect too. Another great feature is that you can even download torrents.

#4. ExpressVPN

Currently, the service can unblock Netflix in the UK, USA and Canada, a great feature that expresses VPN offers is the media streamer, which allows you to unblock sites on devices that do not support VPNs.

The company does not log any information of browsing or traffic data. Another great feature is that you get a 30 day trial period so you can test the software, at different times and on different sites

#5. StrongVPN

The most noticeable quality of Strong VPN is its security which includes an extensive protocol support. Along with that, the Strong DNS service of the company is a differentiating feature as a factor as it provides DNS leak protection.

Strong VPN has vast coverage and provides support for all major platforms including Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. It offers a fast performance and enhances the speed of download on long distances. As a result, there are reliable and fast connections to Netflix in countries, such as the UK, the US, the Netherlands, and Canada.


We have provided an extensive list of the best Netflix VPNs that still work, you can also use a VPN to access libraries of different countries using Netflix VPN,  it is not only for unblocking. Furthermore, the use of a VPN increases your online security.