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Protecting Your Companies Overseas Data

Enhancing your overseas company’s data security is paramount as this ensures safety for your Company’s private data as well as the data for your consumers. Breach of data could end up being catastrophic for any enterprise of the company that may not get thoroughly equipped for such a disaster.

As the company’s Chief Data security officer in a parent country, you should understand how to protect your overseas data. Hence, a thorough understanding of data sovereignty in foreign countries is of considerable significance as it calls for the formulation and implementation of strategic ways to ascertain data security.

The very first step is to have an in-depth insight into what may pose threats to your data security to the best means to shun away from these schemes. However, it may deceive you that data breaches can only be a result of unethical hackers, but this perception is not valid. Let’s dive in and see what may pose data security threats for your company doing business overseas.

Types of Cybersecurity data breaches  that companies may face overseas:



These are computer interruptions that happen to your Company’s computer systems. They are security attacks on your Company’s data that takes place online. Some of them include viruses such as Trojan and worms. Malware development is an enormous concern for companies overseas as they consistently develop within the Company’s computer systems. They lead to systems becoming slow, internet connectivity loss as well as challenging when accessing files. Majorly, the installation of malware is not the end goal of a data attacker; however, it acts as a through-way to gain control over the Company’s whole network.

Insider Trading

In overseas nations, a company may tend to recruit some unscrupulous employees who trade the Company’s secrets to competitors for their selfish gains. Competitors seek confidential information to outdo them in the market. Once data leakages take place. Your business can experience significant losses as their secrets get revealed to the competitors.

“Knowledge is Power.” This phrase means once your knowledge, stored in data form, gets conveyed to another, your power is well transferred. Data leakages imply exposure of your success formula.

Accounts linked To The Company May Be Vulnerable

The overseas data similarly covers loss of information and other login details linked to the accounts held by the business. These may include customer names/ addresses, birth dates, and social-security-numbers, which may land on the hackers’ hands. So, it is advisable to run your company through platforms overseas that are not vulnerable.

Algorithm Manipulation

We can confidently say that companies rely on tech in a great deal as well as cloud computing, which exposes their data to more threats. Furthermore, many companies have developed algorithms that they use in the interpretation and application of their data. Nevertheless, they are susceptible to significant threats as these codes and systems get compromised with less monitoring and human interactions, which occasionally happens.

Password Attacks

In many overseas companies, passwords attacks are reported to have an increase. The attacker forces his way brutally in an attempt to access a network through a program to establish a working password. Hence, several passwords ought to get used in different computer systems and periodic alterations of these passwords done.


This act by cybercriminals happens to be the common and most frequent in use to gain access through secured networks. The scammers’ lures users to click on some misleading link such as emails and other social sites, thus exposing the Company’s vital information and any other company data.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)

These attacks overwhelm the servers with many requests from various sources leading to its significant slowing down to the point of crashing; Hence rendering the computer system challenging to use.

How to Protect Your Companies Overseas Data


Formulate a Strategy

Develop a clear and concise set of procedures and policies not only serves in securing your companies overseas data but also on the steps to take, suppose things happen unprecedentedly. Hence, the company must have a well-established IT strategy for data protection that is well-detailed. Possession of a proactive strategy makes the Company much further ahead than the competitors than having a reactive approach, which may prove ineffective upon the data damage.

Train Your Employees

After understanding the data sovereignty of your host country, it is essential to subject your Company’s employees to the security policy of your business.  You may do it as an on-boarding training refresher course done twice annually. This training goes hand in hand with ensuring that the revelation of secret data does not take place and that they’ll handle the computer systems with the excellent care needed.

Put Cloud Into Use

Cloud services serve best if the overseas company doesn’t have expertise or enough time to stay alert on some critical security updates that need much attention. Seeing the services of a renowned cloud provider ensures that your data is stored well, software patches maintenance, and leads to security implementation.

Carry out Thorough Background Checks

Protecting your overseas Company data begins ascertaining that internal threats do not take effects. Meaning that as a recruiter, you ought to understand the kind of an individual you’re hiring. Similarly, you ought to be conscious of any behavior changes of the existing employees to ensure that your Company’s data is safe.

Establish Automatic-Software Updates

If at all you do not have experience with hackers in overseas countries, it is necessary to ensure that the systems of your company have updated software. Scammers, before they are undertaking their unethical hacking, the first attempt to establish the version of the software in use and older software, gives them an easy time. Your computer system security settings and operating system and other relevant software set up to update themselves automatically.

Safeguard Passwords

Passwords may seem less useful as far as data protection is concerned. However, their usage fortifies data protection. The more complex the password is, the harder it is for hackers to crack it down. Ensure that your computer system passwords cannot be easily guessed; it is crucial to make their length eight characters, with numbers and non-standard characters. Similarly, making periodic alterations to the passwords ensures the safety of your data. Having passwords managers is critical as your personnel will have less time trying to figure out the sophisticated passwords.

Ensure Security of Your Wireless Network

It is impossible for unethical hackers to interrupt what is invisible to them. Meaning that if your company has wireless connections, it is vital to fortify them using the most robust encryption. Additionally, ensure that all the broadcasting functions get turned off.

Malware Protection

Malware is malicious software viruses that creep into your computer system unknowingly and may cause significant data damage. Ensure that you turn on the firewall of your router to ascertain data security. Protect your PCs from identity theft, hacking, and suspicious websites by installing advanced security software. Install anti-spam software to clean your emails. It keeps off your computer system from malicious emails that may bring some risks and cause employee distractions.

Final Verdict

For companies looking forward to overseas data protection, it is imperative for the management to understand data sovereignty of the host country to confirm that it does not contravene the set laws and regulations about data protection. Additionally, such companies must take proactive measures concerning data protection.

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