Sleeping Bag Zippers

Sleeping bag zippers are among the most adaptable, versatile, and durable kinds of zippers out there. The sheer length of these zippers as well as the need to adapt to various environments and uses require sleeping bag zippers to be high quality that can keep up with different weather conditions.

If you are shopping for the best sleeping bag zippers, there are some important things you have to know.

Types of Zippers for Sleeping Bags

If a strong metal zipper is a very first thing that comes to your mind as far as sleeping bags are concerned, you better think again. The metal zippers might be strong and durable but at the same time, they can also be inconvenient and heavy for transport. Plastic and nylon zippers are the two most common zippers applicable to sleeping bags.

Plastic or Vislon Zippers

The plastic zippers are one of the great options for sleeping bags. More commonly known as Vislon zippers due to the type of plastic they are often made from, plastic zippers have the most common applications in military equipment. These zippers feature teeth made from a certain kind of plastic molded on the zipper tape. This is why plastic zippers are the most ideal option if you are after a waterproof and durable option.

Nylon or Coil Zippers

The most widely used zippers in luggage and outdoor industries are coil zippers. These are known as coil zippers since their teeth are made of coiled monofilament, often made of nylon. The high horizontal strength of coil zippers is their main benefit that allows it to be longer than average zippers and withstand numerous forms of force. Coil zippers are all in all a great option for sleeping bags. They are fire resistant and lightweight. They are easy to repair and provide increased durability.

If you are looking for the best zippers for your sleeping bags, the sleeping bag zippers at are some of the ideal options you’ve got.