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Scientific Method of Dissertation Writing: 8 Rules to Follow

One of the most complicated academic papers is definitely a dissertation. This is a specific piece of writing, which allows a candidate to achieve either a doctor’s degree or professional qualification.

Accordingly, it is really difficult to complete this assignment. Many students fail miserably due to various reasons. However, if you know your discipline well, have advanced writing skills, and know important peculiarities concerning dissertation writing, you will successfully fulfill this task.

There are certain rules to follow. They help to deal with any dissertation pretty successful. Make allowances for the following points:

  1. Select an appropriate topic.
  2. Gather approved information.
  3. Define research methods.
  4. Write a catchy introduction.
  5. Compose a meaningful thesis statement.
  6. Use effective examples.
  7. Focus on results.
  8. Craft a strong conclusion.

Point #1

Choose a strong topic. It should cover currently important issue and offer a concrete solution. Research it from different angles, put different questions about what it is and what it discloses to define the most effective title for your research. Choose an effective title, which will kindle a wish to read your project to the end. This may be “You conquer fear if you face your greatest face” or “Global warming can be prevented if one uses really effective measures”.

Point #2

You should support your main claim. Accordingly, you need some evidence. Gather it in local libraries and on the Internet, ask your professors to provide you with some good proofs. Always verify your information sources. They must be original and officially approved. In order to get the needed information, you are free to use questionnaires, observations, documentary analysis, interviews, etc.

Point #3

You should decide what research method(s) you are going to use to complete your study. Go to the local library and ask for help. Experienced librarians definitely know which textbooks are suitable for your case. You may select out of such methods as qualitative, quantities, analysis and synthesis, induction, deduction, etc.

Point #4

This section makes your readers familiar with your project. It should be catchy. Use a quotation of a famous person, allegory or anecdote, which is related to your research. Implement a few numbers and an example to clarify what you’re going to tell about in your project.

Point #5

The last sentence of your introductory part is called a thesis statement or the main claim/argument. It should shortly and plainly explain your main purpose to ignite a desire to read the entire project. For example, if you write about abortion you may write the next sentence “Every person has the right to be born and live a full life and nobody has the right to steal it”.

Point #6

The main body of your writing ought to support and develop the thesis statement. You should implement appropriate examples that are based on the verified and approved facts. Thus, you may add statistics of abortions in the USA and the world, tell about demographic problems, the stress of women who underwent this awful step and reasons they did so, etc.

Point #7

Before you even start to write your study, you should keep in mind that this is a scientific and objective work. You should stick to the third person and never express some subjective thoughts. Operate with the received results. Remind yourself that you should focus on the results and not on other people.

Point #8

The defining section is your conclusion. You should lead a brief discussion based on all the facts mentioned in the previous sections. Tell about your main purpose once again and mention methods that were used to prove your theory. Afterward, introduce the outcomes and interpret them. Give your own evaluation, which should be based on real facts without any subjective ideas. Finally, propose a realistic solution.

Additional Points to Your Advantage

There are some more recommendations, which will enhance your chances to receive the highest grade and create a great dissertation. You should give heed to your:

  • Voice. You should avoid a typical mistake of writing passive constructions. It’s allowed using a couple of them and not more. The rest should be active ones. For example, “He bought this book yesterday” and not “This book was bought by him yesterday”.
  • Tense. Another crucial matter is the tense of your paper. Write in the present tense. There may be two exceptions. When you wish to tell about some previous researches related to your research “The first contributions to this crucial topic were made in… by…” The second one may be used in the conclusion if you wish to express hopes about the future of your research “The following studies will take place…”
  • Word choice. Think about the words and phrases you are going to use in your project. No jokes and puns are allowed. Restrict the frequency of adverbs, avoid negative constructions, use a positive tone and something of the kind. Try to use collocations suitable for the context.
  • Grammar. Give heed to the tenses, constructions, punctuation, spelling and other necessities related to the grammar aspect. Use dependable grammar checking programs.
  • Definitions and terminology. Each technical term should be used with a direct reference to it and in one and the same form. Clarify every unknown word with a quotation or explanation.

Take these points into your consideration. They are likewise useful and will help to compose an outstanding dissertation. Otherwise, you have a great opportunity to get professional assistance from a dissertation writing service with affordable prices.

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