Anyone who has been in an office knows the importance of stationery. Whether you’re an intern or manager, the most important stationery in an office is also the stationery you use every day. For minimalist design and easy usage, choose Milligram’s vast range of stylish office stationery and accessories. We’ve accumulated the essentials below, so you’ll never be without the necessary tool for any job.


The most important piece of office stationery is often the beloved diary. Whether for personal or group referral, having a physical copy of your plans on hand is an ideal alternative to searching through your phone. Pencil in lunch dates, book recommendations, and important meetings. Our pick is the Delfonics 2019 Manon Diary Notebook Weekly ($19.99 AUD) for a weekly overview. Change the contents yearly with this refillable, buckle-close diary. The Japanese design and waterproof materials ensure this diary is perfect in the rain, or when used as a coaster.


When your boss calls an impromptu meeting but your iPad has run out of charge—it’s a good time to grab a notebook. Pick up one that contains style and comfort—Milligram’s Linen Notebooks ($39.95 AUD) are blank inside and perfect for note taking or brainstorming. This 195-page notebook comes to an A5 size, perfectly suited for your bag, and won’t take up too much space on your desk.

Purchase a spiral bound notebook for function when out, and easy note taking when standing. Rip out pages and attach your pen for flexibility when on the run. Appointed’s Extra Large, Ruled Notebooks ($39.95 AUD) are perfect for excessive notes and flexibility.

Pens, Markers, and Tools

Now that you have the essential writing platforms, the necessary writing tools are required. Start every point correctly with the Kaweco Classic Sport Rollerball Pen ($39.95 AUD). Complete with its transparent design and over 70-year history, conquer each day with a tool that will last through every lecture and into the next day.

Compliment your Kaweco pen with Hightide’s set of Manicure Florescence Highlighters ($3.95 AUD). Although these highlighters camouflage as nail polish, they’re the easy-to-use shape and practical size are perfect to bring colour to your desk.

Midori’s MD Pencils (Set of 6, $17.95 AUD) are the perfect tool for jotting quick notes and penciling items into your diary. These lead pencils come in a standard hexagonal shape for comfort and familiarity. Complete the task with the all-important Craft Design Technology Eraser ($4.95 AUD) for erasing probable mistakes.

When annotating documents or providing colleagues and yourself with reminders, look no further than the Paperways Gluememo Duo Sticky Notes ($6.95 AUD). Their sleek design and inoffensive colours mean your co-workers will appreciate any reminder they receive.

Others, Equally As Important

Organisation is the key for a functional workplace; messy workstations can equal poor results and overall confusion.

Display and store your paperwork with the Delfonics ‘Buro’ Letter Box ($11.95 AUD), which comes in 5 colours to suit any workplace colour scheme. Keep stray documents from getting lost with the Fabriano Boutique Spiral Paperclips ($12.95 AUD). With their unconventional design and chrome finish, you’re sure to impress colleagues and clients.

Complete any desk design with the Milligram Metal Pen Pot ($29.95) in a complementary colour to hold your new office tools and keep them from creating clutter on your table.

Coordinate colours or choose items with an aesthetic design to bring excitement into your workplace. With these essential pieces, you’ll be ready for any task.