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The Basics of Online Marketing


In the modern times of computers and the internet, things have become online mostly with various amenities and services being available online with a few clicks. Similarly, the field of marketing has seen a huge improvement with various aspects of it is made possible to be implemented online and make it reachable to a lot more people than was possible through various offline methods which were available earlier.

The emergence of the new era of websites and availability of content online has made it very important to have ways of spreading it to the right audience all over the globe. With new software and websites having techniques and apps for sharing information to a large number of people with a single click, digital marketing has become easier and manageable even by those who are not experts in the same field.

Good practices for Digital Marketing

Here are some of the basic things to do to ensure a good way of implementing digital marketing –

  • Sharing on social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and even WhatsApp and Hike and such instant messaging platforms.
  • Email marketing is also another method of reaching out to relevant subscribers by using email management services like MailChimp, etc.
  • Making use of images and animations and videos help a lot in engaging more audience and increase the engagement of visitors.
  • Google Adsense and similar advertising platforms have made it easier to plan advertising strategies and use targeted keyword marketing techniques to make the links appear in the relevant search results and thus reach the right audience for maximum engagement opportunities.
  • Use of mobile phones has made it easier to have a larger audience base which as earlier difficult to have due to a lesser degree of penetration of computers with the common people.
  • Online video websites like YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion and many such websites allow the opportunity of reaching out with targeted products to the audience with engaging video content and native advertising on these platforms.
  • Link aggregators and sharing platforms like Digg, Reddit, and StumbleUpon allow users to share news and reach the audience based on common interests.
  • Online professional networking platforms like LinkedIn provide a great way of reaching out to influencers for better awareness of content to their audience and thus expand the current audience base.
  • SEO, that is, Search Engine Optimization is another aspect of digital marketing with the aim of ensuring that the web pages appear in the search results. This is done by using target keywords in the articles and using alt tags for images so that the search engine can get the basic info about the pages and refer the right ones to those searching for it online.
  • Branding and use of proper logos is another very important work in digital marketing. With the right color choices and the right logo design along with proper brand names, the companies can hope to appeal more to the buyers and thus increase the customer base.

Other important aspects

  1. Web designing is another important factor in ensuring a good digital marketing approach. A good user experience is essential to acquiring new customers and converting them into regular customers.
  2. A/B testing is also necessary to find out the right version that appeals more to the audience and use it more for higher engagement based on audience demographics and behaviors. And data analysis and presentation is equally important.
  3. Google Analytics provides a great way of observing traffic behavior to know about the details about which content has the better amount of engagement and focus more on those specific ones.
  4. Outbound marketing is also necessary with proper content spread over other websites which can redirect the audience to the main one.
  5. Guest posting is another great way of getting backlinks to ensure that you have a better ranking on search engines like Google and Bing.

Maintaining the right balance of links to high authority websites to make sure that you have a good site ranking yourself in the form of DA and PA and similar site metrics.

These are just the basics of digital marketing and there are a lot more to learn which can be done over time and gain expertise in this field. Over time, it becomes easier to manage these aspects and do great in this new emerging field and career path.

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