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The Major Trends of Animated Explainer Videos for Digital Marketing

Various types of animation styles exist currently. Some stay for a long time while some stay as a seasonal fad. Out of the several different kinds of animation trends, one such popular animation style is known as explainer videos. It is misleading to think that explainer videos are simple and do not require much effort but to your surprise, the spectrum and utilization of explainer videos are vast.

Not only used for educational purposes but animated explainer videos are also divided into various types. Since animated content is now becoming a powerful marketing tool, every business is making the most out of animated videos. From generating potential customer leads and sales to improvement in retention rates, explainer videos can provide benefits of every sort to a business. The process of creating a video animation is no longer elusive as all you have to do is look for the right set of video animators for it.

A few of the famous animation explainer video types for your inspiration are:

2D Animations

One of the simplest animation styles is 2D animations. However, it does not imply that its simplicity would affect its use as 2D animations are prevailing amongst several industries. This animation style is highly simple in general; therefore, to make it stand out it is important to make the visuals and storyline of 2D animations unique. This type of animation evokes emotion into the viewer’s mind, as it is straightforward and reaches out to people belonging to different demographics with ease.

3D Animations

While the consideration of dimensions is less in 2D animations, however, that is not the case with 3D animations. The elements of this animation style need to be carefully curated and organized as 3D visuals are more complex to create. The use of 3D animations is still vast in various fields and industries. Used in virtual tours, animated movies and healthcare technology, the applications of 3D animations are unceasing.

Whiteboard Animations

Being one of the most widely used types of explainer videos, the visual representation of whiteboard animations is produced on a white surface. The main reason why this animation style follows the concept of a typical whiteboard because it is designed with the intention to capture the audience’s attention completely. Designed in a 2-Dimensional style, the animation visuals follow a more minimalistic approach. The use of whiteboard animation is not solely for educational purposes instead its application observant in many industries.

Cartoon Animations

If your video does not have animated characters then its levels of user engagement lower significantly. The need to incorporate cartoon animations or characters breathes life into your video and in turn, complements a visual and consistent identity to your brand. The key is to make your presence memorable and if you manage to come up with animated memorable characters then it will keep your viewers engaged with not only your video but also you’re your business platform.

Motion Graphics Animations

Motion graphics have existed as a famous animation trend for decades. The use of motion graphics is not recent and it is still used by many brands across the world. To simplify its conceptualization, motion graphics are associated with the ability to fuse different patterns and shapes together to form a single message. If you intend to make your message more simple and eye-catching for your audience, then this animation style works the best.

Live Action

It is a misconception to think that animation styles solely revolve around 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional styles. Live-action animations merge the concept of live action and various animated aspects in a composed manner. Although whiteboard videos are used for educational purposes but so are live-action videos. Many E-learning websites incorporate this style as it has more power to keep the users engaged in order to learn new things or subjects.

It is highly essential for animated videos to not only be simple and easier to understand but also have a great convincing power. Skilled animators hold the expertise to produce animated video content that has the ability to yield fruitful results for any sort of business, no matter its scale or size. The concept of animations is not new, as it has existed for decades but most new startups and businesses are not well versed about its use. The only answer to the proper understanding of animated video content and its importance is to research and find an animation style or trend that is befitting for your brand’s identity.

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