Graphic Design Using Instagram

Right now is the time! There has never been any better time to work in creative fields with so many career options to choose from. If you have the artistic flair within yourself, then this career section is the perfect choice for you to make. With years down the lane and as a graduate, you might have been quite limited to handful of options in terms of jobs. But with the help of graphic design qualifications by your side, you can set up for all types of jobs. Right from designing a book cover to copywriter; so many options are waiting for you right now. There are some of the most unexpected occupations for you to know about once you opt for the graphic design category. It helps in inspiring the creative career you are in.

Most of these designers have their very own Instagram accounts to check out. If you can’t make up your mind or so many decisions are making it way too hard for you to choose from, then heading towards the IG accounts of the pros might help you big time over here. You get the chance to actually check out their IG stories and posts to get inspirations and might join their paths too.

Try to be the fashion designer:

As you all probably might have known by now, creative is seldom interested and attracted in just one source of design. Let’s take fashion for example. It is always the extension of so many other forms of visual expression. Therefore, it absolutely makes sense that some of the graphic designers might turn hand to accessory and garment design.

Then on the other side of the coin, you have Greg Bemis, who took his illustration based talents to the headquarters of Nike where he excelled in basketball footwear sector. so, the field of graphic design is in such career option which can help you to wear different hats and end up doing multitude of various things. You can visit gramblast for more information.

Playing the important role of a marketing manager:

A proper and talented background in graphic design will work pretty well with roles, which actually involve beefing creative like marketing.

  • Marketing managers are always expected to oversee various aspects of mix, right from brochures to website design and even to some written communications.
  • Some of the graduates in this area have already applied skills to role as digitalized marketing manager at some of the fashion labels, on a global ground.

Working as a lecturer or teacher:

A large number of graphic designers would like to be in active part with studies and might end up being lectures. Some of them are returning to places where they have studied once upon a time. Their main goal over here is to nurture careers of the budding professionals.

  • If you ever ask some lecturers or teachers of the graphic design sector about their career choice, they have smart answers to give you. They teach because that is what they are passionate about.
  • They have the passion within and would love to see the same passion and design interest among aspiring students. It is stated to be such great process to be part of this platform.
  • Moreover, being a teacher or lecturer would often help them to be right on their toes always and provides them fresh perspective on things with the changing world.
  • They are always associated with the latest changes taking place and got to learn new things all the time with new students joining for the courses. With time, their outlooks will also change.

Associated with the world of UI or UX:

Even when the visual design element is the primary reason for people to study graphics, some others might prefer to just explore behind the scenes based perspective when entering the said graphic designing industry.  UI and the field of UX are here to provide some of the fantastic career options to some of the technically skilled professionals. They are actually utilizing the abilities of designers to just help users interact with product in a rather easy manner. So, if you want to be a part of it, you are cordially invited to do so.

Designer of wedding invitations:

Weddings are quite popular business these days. On an average, a bride and groom is likely to spend around $33K for the special day. As this industry keeps on booming, roles for creatively gifted ones are plenty. Couples, over here, are asked to check on manner of stationery right from saving dates to table plans.

  • So, if you are one of the designers planning to enter this field, then there are some words of advices from pros to consider right now.
  • The major key over here is to involve the mother of bride to start off with the design. There are multiple times when friends have been quite charmed by quirky personalized first drafts.
  • Later down the line, the family will get to see and things will turn to be way more traditional.

Adding the notion of letterpress printer:

Cemented right in heritage of graphic design, letterpress printer is on list of the dream careers for so many people out there in the market. Well, being well skilled in this area will take you a lot of years of experience and that’s when you get to develop the said trade. The way to get pro in this section is to start right from the bottom and progress through hard work and dedicated services. You can get to work under some pros to gain some ideas in this regard and that will help you out pretty well as well.

Yes, for some people these options are rather odd in terms of graphic design. However, with good experience and proper help, things might start to work out pretty well. All you need to do is trust your instinct and things will turn towards a positive notion.