As you probably know, Musical.ly no longer exists, but instead, the app is called TikTok. But the principle is exactly the same, that’s why I wanted to give some TikTok tips. The same as for Musical.ly, of course, apply to TikTok!


If you want your TikToks to get as much attention as the ones in the following pictures then this article is for you!

1st timing is very important!

You just have to do the movements in the TikToks on the beats. Why? Because it just looks a thousand times better than if you do not! In addition, you’ll stand out from many people who do not!


You have to be careful that you are not too hectic in your TikToks, but you are not too slow either. You have to find the balance between “too hectic” and “too little”! To get a better feel for it, just compare yourself to the well-known TikTokern on TikTok and see how they do it!


There are so many people who put their phone too low and have a weird angle. To avoid that, you can simply pick up a tripod or use something like a tripod. Books on top of each other can lift the phone higher, but you can really get creative!

Here is, for example, a cheap tripod and a holder for your phone for tripods:


Many people have too dark light or light with a funny color! Super is suitable for light from outside! That means: Stand in front of your window and make a TikTok! It should not be too bright so it does not dazzle you. Most lamps are yellowish and look funny on TikToks!

Here is a light for your phone so you always stay well lit:


#5. GO OUT!

You can also just go outside and have a friend make you film at TikToks! Make many people and can also look very nice! But also has difficulties because you can not see yourself!


In the video, I packed you at the beginning of this post I show you after I explain all the points here again also some cool moves that you can use directly in your own TikToks! Would be glad if you look at it!

#7. How to Download Tik Tok Video

Step 1: Copy the Video Link

TikTok app. Tap on the icon and choose the option of copy link.

Step 2: Head to Tiktok Video Downloader Website

Tiktok 4
After you’ve got the video’s link, open Tiktok Video Downloader’s website in any browser on the Android phone. Paste the link to the search bar and then tap start. Tiktok Video Downloader allows you to download the TikTok (Musical.ly) video in various video or audio formats and quality. Tap on the download button when you’ve made the decision.

Step 3: Save your TikTok Video and Start Downloading

Select a path to save your TikTok video. After the downloading process, you can have the video saved on your phone.