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Time to Track Social Media Traffic Using Google Analytics

Do you really know if the social media efforts are working well or not? Are you still wondering on how you can possibly track the link clicks from the social traffic? Well, you will understand it now once you start discovering ways to use UTM tags for measuring the social media traffic right with the help of Google Analytics. Unless you get the chance to measure the social media traffic, things might not work out in the best ways as you have asked for it. So, without wasting time, let’s take the first step over here by measuring social media based traffic. It will help in moving the services forward for sure.

Why get to measure social media traffic?

Measuring the present social media traffic will always help in determining the perfect marketing tactics, which are working for you and which are now coming up short. The traffic will always come from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and some of the other social media sources funnels right into content on site and then will trigger some of the completion like lead, purchase or whatever you are actually trying to accomplish with that available traffic. There are some points associated with Instagram followers at the same time.

  • The social media traffic will always come from both unpaid and paid sources. For illustrating it more, FB traffic will always come from some of the paid ads, shared posts for the pages and maybe, even the posts from some groups. The same can prove to be true with LinkedIn, Twitter and even YouTube.
  • You are always asked to look at the social media traffic right on the granular level. For instance, on YouTube, traffic might always come from specified areas of the site like backend, cards, or even the description links.
  • There are times when you might want to measure how all the social media traffic converts right into content and then focusing towards the completion goal. You can work on that with the help of UTMs and Google Analytics.

Time to check on the data related to social media traffic in the field of Google Analytics:

The Medium or the Source report in Google Analytics is where you might find all the promising and relevant details associated with social media traffic. In one such report, you will come to see and identify every traffic source. You will further address how much of audience you are actually receiving from the said source and how they are engaging with the site. The points will further talk about the results of the said actions too.

Time to access the Source or the Medium report:

For accessing the report, you better open up Google Analytics and then visit Acquisition. From there, go to All Traffic and finally visit Source/Medium.

  • Now, it is time to just scroll down the page to check out the list of traffic sources for the website. The data is well-driven and divided into multiple sections. To get a walk-through of the collected data, you can just go through the Google Merchandise Store demo based account.
  • The left column right at the far of the report will identify the traffic source and even the medium. The source over here is the brand of traffic, which is coming through. Medium, on the other hand, is a form of traffic.
  • For visualizing this part, the first traffic source is well listed right below and known as Google or Organic. In such a case, Google is the primary traffic brand and organic is the form of traffic. For the CPC or Google, the traffic might come from Google and here the traffic type if CPC, which is also noted as paid traffic.
  • The next part of this section has to be the Acquisition, which will talk about the quantity of traffic right from various sources. You get to see the number of new users, users, and sessions.
  • The third section happens to be the behavior, which will talk about the actions of what people are taking. You can further check out the bounce rates, average session duration for the audience and even pages per session.
  • Looking straight at Acquisition and Behavior data can always provide you with the idea of the quality of traffic from that said source. Right, for instance, you might have a source to drive a ton of traffic to the site but those users will not take actions that you want or leave quickly.
  • You might even have a source that does not send you a ton of traffic but those users can always engage with message and content. The second source is this regard is a little higher quality.
  • The last section of Medium or Source report will provide you with the utmost results. In case, you have set up goals in Google Analytics for measuring actions like purchases or leads, this is where you might get the find the results. Make sure to select one goal from a drop-down menu or just get to compare traffic sources for various results.

Analyzing data in the said report:

Now that you are well familiar with what is available in the report, it is time to take a look at how you are likely to analyze the same data. When you are trying to review the data, avoid getting caught up in the numbers. In its place, you can always look for the trends available in the market. If you ever get the chance to look at behavior data, you might come across traffic sources with the lowest possible bounce rates. This data will clearly indicate that the audiences from these available sources are way more engaged than audiences from some of the other areas.

The same ever two traffic sources are likely to stand out from others in pages of each session and the average duration of the session. These audiences will view more pages on average during the session and then spent more time on the site.

Now, when you have determined audiences from these sources are engaged, you need to come across if that translates to any result.

On the current e-commerce side, you can always check for the mall.googleplex, which has 93 transactions for a total of around $8900. Then you have with only 2 transactions made for a total of around $250.

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