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Top Online Calculators That You Must Try

Technology has really revived our lives and we have some application of technology in every aspect of our day to day life. Whether it is using smartphones or social media websites or even getting general information from Google and other websites, things didn’t use to be like this a decade or so ago. A similar application of technology is the use of calculators. Yes, today we have calculators for just about anything we can name. Calculators have gone way beyond those typical devices we used to solve math problems at school. From health and finance to real estate and loans, we have some type of calculator available that can be used for making the most accurate and timely calculations.

To take things a step further, websites like Calculator All have gone a step further to bring these calculators online. This new concept gives you access to hundreds of useful calculator tools in one central resource online only with a few clicks. This certainly is a life savior and you must try out some of the popular online calculator to make things easier for you when you have to make critical decisions.

Here we have listed some of the best online calculator that you must give a try. Let’s check out.

Due Date Calculator

Let’s start things with one of the most important online calculator available today. Yes, for pregnant women, it’s really important to find out when they are due as they can’t really wait to be called moms. A due date calculator comes to their rescue here. The calculator requires a couple of simple input values to tell them their due date. All you have to provide is the first day of the last menstrual period you had and a number value for your regular menstrual period. If you have this information, obviously everybody does, then you don’t have to wait for the doctor to tell you what your expected due date would be. Just use this calculator and you’d know for yourself.

BMI Calculator

Have you ever felt to be getting obese? Yes, obesity is an undesirable condition where a person gains extra weight and puts on excessive amounts of fat that is medically unhealthy and causes a potential risk of developing different medical conditions. So, you never want to be obese and a good way to keep a check on that is to use a BMI calculator. Also called as Body Mass Index calculator, this useful tool tells you whether your current body weight and height are in proportion or not. The calculator usually advises you how much weight you need to gain or lose in order to get your BMI right.

Square Footage Calculator

Those in real estate business often have to calculate the square footage of certain real estate properties and doing it manually requires some time to do the calculations. And, obviously, you can’t take the probability of manual errors out of the equation. So, it is advisable that you should use a square footage calculator to get things right in the first attempt. The best part is that you can have different calculators available online each dedicated to calculating square footage for a different shape like rectangle, triangle, circle, and trapezoid. So, decide what you need and choose your calculator accordingly.

Student Loan Calculator

Students often need loans to fulfill their needs and meet their expenses during their study period. Different types of loans are available and one might need to compare different options. Now, that’s where a student loan calculator comes in handy. In addition, such a calculator can give you insights into how your loan will progress during its term and what you’ll have to pay every month depending on your loan term and the remaining balance. You can also choose to pay extra and the calculator will tell you what kind of impact it can have on your repayments.

GPA Calculator

This is another useful calculator for students as well as the teachers. Grade Point Average is a grading system used by a large number of universities around the world. Most of the times, both students and teachers find it confusing to calculate the GPA in a particular subject or cumulative GPA in all the subjects. So, to make things easier for them, the use of a reliable GPA calculator is advised. The calculator requires a certain set of input values i.e. the credit and the score in each of the given subjects to calculate the GPA.

Try these top online calculator and make things go as swiftly as possible. Each of these calculators has its own application but they can all make life easier for you. So, you must give them a try!

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