gaming laptop

If you’re in the market for a gaming laptop you’re going to want to take into consideration a wide range of possibilities and different options.  Essentially eight basic things you’ll want to deliberate about before making a purchase and if you want to learn more, visit techfavicon to see the full guide.

  1. Think about specifically what games you’re looking to play on your new laptop. If you want to play games like “candy-crush” then you defiantly won’t need a gaming laptop for such types of games.  Make sure a gaming laptop is specifically what you.
  2. Sidestep any touch screen options. Touch screen laptops and computers drain the battery at a faster rate than non-touch screen devices and therefore, will rob you of time you could’ve (and probably wanted to) spend gaming!
  3. Size matters. Take time to think about how the size will impact how satisfied you are with any purchase you make. For example, although an 18-inch laptop would be more powerful, it also will be more difficult to transport.  You’ll have to decide if you want the power over portability or vice versa.
  4. Note the importance of the keyboard. We all know, there is nothing worse than typing—let alone attempting to play a game on a keyboard we’re simply not comfortable with.  If you’re not comfortable with the keyboard, chances are, you won’t be comfortable with the laptop either.  If you can, visit the store just to try out different keyboards to see what fits you the best.
  5. Forget the mobile chip! Simply put, thanks to new innovations like Nvidia’s 10 series GPU, you won’t need a mobile chip at all!
  6. Low-Resolution is not the way to go. Anything less than 1920×1080 is considered a low-resolution laptop and it just won’t be satisfying if you’re looking to do some serious gaming! There is no doubt you’ll want to invest in a laptop with higher resolution.
  7. Faster is better. Again, if you’re looking to be a serious gamer and participate in some serious gaming, you’ll hand down want things like short game installation times and tiny load times. Therefore, you’ll want to consider an SSD to obtain those important small things that really are the big things.
  8. The processor is vital. If you want to enjoy games in virtual reality through things like Oculus Rift, then you’ll need to consider a few important things. First, what processor you choose.  Essentially, you’ll want at least a Core i7-6700HQ processor.  Additionally, take a second to consider an investment in an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 GPU and an HDMI 1.3 port.  All of these things will give you the best high definition and virtual reality experience possible!

Based on these straight forward, and easy to follow, tips to take into serious consideration, you should be able to begin looking for specifically what you want out of a gaming laptop!  Although there are so many options out there, with these tips, you’ll be able to sift through and separate the best choices for you and the gaming experience you’re after!