Aquatic Update
Image: wccftech

Minecraft is going to get graced with the infamous Aquatic update. If you haven’t been playing the game recently, there’s a lot more you can explore because the new Aquatic update might bring many new features to the game.

The Phase 2 of the update is available for players who use Xbox One, mobile devices, VR and Windows 10. The update will also be available on Nintendo Switch. It is being said that the new update is in line with the first one and continues the first phase of the update. Phase One brought many new additions such as shipwrecks, coral reefs, treasure chests and more.

What To Expect?

There’s a lot of speculation about the second phase of the update. In its newest version, Mojang has new underwater friends. So there’s a lot you might be seeing in the game now, including sea turtles, tan on beaches, turtles laying their eggs and more. You can even try to become a dolphin trainer and feed them with salmon, raw fish and more.

The overall feel and look of the game has been enhanced with the update and that’s the biggest catch. People weren’t expecting how the game might turn out after the update but it is being said that there’s a lot coming to the game, which will change it for the better.

There will also be an addition of bottom dwellers. The underwater mob, as they say, will be seeking to make it difficult for people to move a muscle as they look for treasure. These creatures are born when the zombie drops in the water and transform itself into another version of undead.

These creatures are the ones to be watched out after the update. There are new bubble columns as well that you have to skim through and go through that will push the players when they swim underwater or pull them as well.

If anything, the new update makes things interesting in the game now and there is a lot for people to implore.

Who Is It Available For?

The Aquatic update will be available for the Bedrock Edition. It will be available for the Java players later on. Mojang reassured that the new update would be available for Java players and fans.

However, in the case of the Aquatic update, things have been a little delayed but the new update will be making its way to different platforms quite soon.

Further reports are also suggesting that there might be a phase three of the update as well. Moreover, the team at Minecraft has confirmed that the new update will feature new underwater features too.

A lot is coming to Minecraft with back-to-back updates and fans are excited. The first update is going to grace the game with many new features and the same is true for the Aquatic update that will further enhance the game and its features for the fans.

For players who appreciate minecraft mods, you can watch out for forge updates, mod needed for most of the minecraft modifications. Developers of mods are already working on the next version and should release their mods for Minecraft right after the launch of the minecraft forge, which should occur soon after the aquatic update.

Minecraft fans, therefore, have a lot to look forward to.