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Which Platform is Better Android or iOS?

“Android or iOS?” is a question which haunts the minds of everyone who are planning to buy a good smartphone. Android and iOS platforms are unique from each other. It is essential to know the difference before deciding which platform to choose. Let us now analyze about both Android and iOS to know which performs better.

Software update


iOS updates its software very often. You will get updates like twice a year or even more. iOS strives for perfection and always updates its software to improve the user experience.


Software updates of android are rare. However, there are some smartphone brands which alert the users about updating software which fixes bugs and security issues.



iOS software is stable while operating. The phone doesn’t crash or lag while you use it. The phone operation is smooth even after years of purchase.


Android software crashes often. You will have to reboot the phone for proper functioning. You will also have to format your phone once in a while to clear space to operate well.



Both hardware and software components are indigenously developed by iOS only. Therefore it easy to find out any glitches and rectify it. The steady function of the phone is contributed by the combined construction of hardware and software. Even if you play music and scroll in safari simultaneously, the phone will still work smoothly.


The hardware of android phones is developed by the manufacturers while the software is developed by Google. This difference would reflect on the phone’s performance. The bugs or lags in the phone is because of this difference in construction.



iOS restricts custom settings. It has pre-defined settings which makes it difficult for you to change. For example, if you open your default camera, you can only capture pictures or videos and come back. You cannot add extra settings in it. The notifications will pour on your lock screen, and you won’t be able to change it.


Android is flexible in allowing you to make settings you wish. You can switch the way your phone screen looks and add customized widgets. You can set the notifications according to the way you want to see it. You can arrange the apps according to your usage.



There is not much variation in the shape and size of the iPhones in the recent years. The screen resolution, hardware capacity, processing speed are almost the same in the phones. Hence there is less fragmentation.


There are enormous android phone manufacturers. They design the phones in various size, shapes, and features. When you buy a new phone, you will see an advanced version of it coming in the next few days itself. The innovations in one phone won’t be in another. Hence, there is more fragmentation in Android.

Biometric verification


iOS is the first to bring an Iris scan and Face Id.  iOS always gives preference for the safety of its users. Hence it will be the first to launch the advanced and innovative security features.


Android is slow in updating security features compared to iOS. Fingerprint scan has only been brought in Android now.

Apps store


iOS does a thorough analysis of each app which is entering the app store. The iOS app development requires to follow the standards and guidelines given by iOS. The approval of the app will be done after confirming the app is secured and useful.


There are plenty of apps in play store. There is less chance of checking the standards of each app. Every day, many new apps appear in the play store. It is up to the user to check the authenticity of the app.

App development


The iOS provides a stable platform with guidelines to the developers. The apps are easy to develop in iOS software because of the uniformity in resolution and screen size. The iOS app development is suitable for fresh developers and the developers with limited resources.


The android has an open source software. The software allows the developers to build an app with fewer restrictions. Android is flexible allowing the developers to experiment with new features and functionalities in their app.

Your phone is your tiny mate staying with you all the time.  Choosing the right platform can be confusing first but if you are clear what you want from your phone, then selecting is easy. Selecting the platform which suits you is better than choosing the best platform.

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