event wifi

If you’ve been at any event where WiFi is non-existent, slow or patchy, that is down to congestion. The reason behind it is that a lot of users sapping the system’s bandwidth that cannot cope with the demand. These days, people expect reliable and fast connections at business as well as trade conferences. The success of any event depends on it. However, while many business venues have WiFi, there’s no guarantee that it’ll be reliable and strong enough.

People likely bring more than 1 device to events. As a matter of fact, an average works out at 2 ½ devices per individual, so if you have more than 100 people coming to your event, the connection for WiFi could cope with more than a thousand of computers, tablets, and phones demanding for a signal. Every event places various demands on the network. At festivals, 10% of the crowd usually goes online simultaneously, yet at conferences or parties, the audience could be invited to log on. The WiFi traffic’s volume is a key consideration at planning stage.

Good event WiFi can make a big difference in any event. But, if you want to make your event successful, it should be something that must be seen and not just heard. When people begin talking about WiFi, it is typically for all wrong reasons. Trusting the technology capability of the venue risks poor coverage, this can overshadow your event. For this reason, planning is important to ensure the main areas of the venue have a strong and good signal. Many venues have black spots, making it impossible to roam while connected to the internet. Make sure that this won’t happen to your event. So, it is crucial to find the best event WiFi solution provider for better results. Take note that poor connection also means poor performance.

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