Workforce Management Software

Are you looking for an efficient way to manage remote workers? In recent years, the trend of remote work is gaining popularity. This is because it provides flexible working hours. If a large proportion of your workforce is working remotely, then it will be challenging for you to manage them. It will make it difficult to keep your costs within the fiscal budgets as well.

One of the reasons for increasing costs on the payroll is the use of manual paper timesheets. With the advancement in technology, there is better employee time tracking software, which will help manage your employees no matter where they are. However, not all workforce management software is made the same. This is why you need to choose a workforce management software system that will offer all the solution in one platform.

Boomr is the best workforce management software solution for all types of businesses, as it brings together all the aspects of time and employee management into one platform. With the help of this mobile time tracking app, you can have automated timesheets and share it with different departments. It will make it easy for HR to have all the details in one secure place. This is a great employee time tracking app that will record the clock in and clock out time of all the remote workers.

In this post, we have highlighted how the workforce management system works. Continue reading!

It Has GPS Tracker App

Boomr is a great app that has GPS time tracker. This will provide a precise and accurate location of your workers. You will be able to know when they will be working and when they take a break. This will even let you know how long their breaks are. Another useful feature of this app is that it will help in determining the productivity of the employees.

When the employees will check in the timesheet, the GPS location tracking will update the GPS location points automatically. Hence, you will be able to where your employees are.

Easy Employee Timesheet Management

This time tracking software will allow you to track work hours of your employees. There will be no need of paper time cards or spreadsheet to enter the time manually. Boomr has an amazing online employee timesheets system that will keep a track of their check-ins and breaks.

Thanks to the automated timesheets, you will limit the risk of time theft. This is one of the reasons for increasing the costs of your payroll. It is how the workforce management software will help you stay within your set budgets.

With the help of employee location tracking, you can increase the productivity of the employees. This is because every worker will be held accountable for their daily output and stay on top of the tasks of their job.

Overall, thanks to Boomr, you can track your employees’ timesheets and projects without any difficulty. This will provide real-time information about the location of your workers. It will automate timesheets, so the remote workers can clock in and clock out with just a click. It will help you reduce time theft and cost on the payroll. So, start using Boomr today to have an automated timesheet software solution and increase your profits. You can try Boomr’s workforce management software free for 30-days too. Learn more about it here: